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BNI POIN+ (BNI PoinPlus)

BNI PoinPlus

Valid until 30 June 2021

BNI POIN+ is a reward point program from PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) to BNI customers as a form of appreciation for customer loyalty that BNI provides from various customer banking activities ranging from opening savings accounts, activating eBanking (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking SMS Banking), debit card transactions, all eChannel transactions (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking. SMS Banking, ATMs), transfers between BNI and between banks, storage and addition of savings balances and others that have been determined by BNI. Customers can view BNI POIN+ through BNI Mobile Banking. To redeem POIN+ Customers need to register first, a complete guide to BNI POIN + registration can be seen at

  1. How To Earn POIN+

    Perform banking activities that earn POIN +, including:

    • Opening BNI Savings Account.
    • Registration / activation of BNI e-Banking (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and SMS Banking).
    • Monthly Savings Balance Deposits and Increase in Average Monthly Savings Balance.
    • Transaksi finansial melalui all eChannel (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, ATM, EDC, Agen46), yaitu :

      1. Payment.
      2. Purchase.
      3. Shop with a BNI Debit Card at EDC BNI.
      4. Transfers between BNI accounts and Interbank Transfer.

  2. POIN+ Information

    Customers can find out the number of POIN+ accumulated through: BNI Mobile Banking. Customers can check the amount / POIN+ balance they have through the BNI Mobile Banking application (home banner) right below the nominal savings balance.

  3. POIN+ Redemption

    POIN+ redemption can be done on the website which can be accessed via launcher on the BNI Mobile Banking application. POIN+ that have been accumulated can be redeemed for various attractive prizes such as: eVouchers, Airplane Tickets, Vehicle Rentals, Hotel Booking, and Transfer POIN+. In addition, Customers can also use POIN+ to help others by redeem for Donation vouchers.

    BNI POIN+ provides added value to every Customer's banking activity. Come on, collect as many POIN+ as possible and take advantage of the benefits.

For further information, contact BNI Call 1500046.