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BNI Taplus

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BNI Taplus

Many Easiness, Services Convenience and Advantages every day.

BNI Taplus provides facilitation, services convenience and numerous advantages for your various activities of banking transactions.


  1. Easy
    • You can possess of a BNI Taplus account only with an initial deposit of IDR 500,000.- (Jabotabek) or IDR 250,000.- (Non Jabotabek).
    • Account opening, deposits and withdrawals can be made in more than 1,700 Branches of BNI with online facilities.
    • You will get BNI Debit Card that functions as an ATM card and a Debit card that can be used for shopping transactions and other payments at merchants bearing the MASTERCARD logo both inside and outside the country.
    • BNI Debit Card can be used in ATM BNI, ATM bearing the logos of ATM BERSAMA/ATM LINK throughout Indonesia and ATM bearing the logos of PLUS/Mastercard/Mastercard Electron all over the world.

  2. Comfortable
    • BNI SMS Banking, BNI Internet Banking and BNI Phone Banking facilities increase your convenience in making transactions anywhere and anytime so you are more freely utilize your time.
    • Weekend Banking Service on Saturday and Sunday at some branches; provide an opportunity for those who cannot transact in the Branch on weekdays because of their activities.

  3. Advantageous
    • The interest is calculated on the basis of average daily balance.
    • Discount Promo for BNI Debit Card with a various merchants (restaurants, department stores, super/ hypermarkets or facilities in your town).


  • Interbank online transfer.
  • Auto-debit Service which will assist you in making the payment of monthly bills, such as water, electricity, telephone, mobile phone, credit card or other bills automatically every month so there will no overdue charges for late payment.

BNI e-Banking Services

  • BNI Phone Banking
  • BNI SMS Banking
  • BNI Internet Banking
  • BNI Internet Banking mobile version
  • BNI Debit Online
  • BNI SMS Tunai


  • Completing the account opening application form
  • Minimum initial deposit of IDR 500,000.- (Jabodetabek) or IDR 250,000.- (non Jabodetabek)
  • Enclosing the copy of identity card :
    1. Indonesian Citizen: Resident’s Identity Card/ KTP*
    2. Foreigners: Passport and KIMS (Limited Stay Permit Card)/KITAS (Temporary Residence Permit Card)/KITAP (Permanent Residence Permit Card)
  • Subject to a monthly administration fee

Notes (*) :

  • Resident’s Identity Card of Jakarta Special Capital Region can be used to open an account with all branches of Bank BNI operating within the Jakarta Special Capital Region.
  • Resident’s Identity Card of Non Jakarta Special Capital Region can only be used to open an account with Bank BNI operating in the area of local government issuing such Resident’s Identity Card.
  • For Savings account opening outside the area of Resident’s Identity Card, any of the following documents shall be enclosed :
    1. Certification Letter of Domicile; or
    2. Certification Letter of Employment
BNI Taplus
Initial Deposit IDR 500.000,- (Jabodetabek)
IDR 250.000,- (Non Jabodetabek)
Minimum Subsequent Deposit IDR 5.000,-
Minimum Balance IDR 150.000,-
Fines for below the minimum balance IDR 5.000,-
Administration Fee per month IDR 11.000,-
Replacement of Passbook IDR 1.500,-
Account Closing Charges IDR 10.000,-
Other Charges (effective since June 2016)
Administration Fee in arrears Maximum 3x arrears
Fines for below the minimum balance in arrears Maximum 3x arrears
Card Administration Fee in arrears Maksimal IDR 10.000,-

(effective since January 2016)

BNI Taplus Interest Rate

Balance Interest Rate (%) p.a.
< IDR 1 Million 0.00%
≥ IDR 1 Million - IDR 50 Million 0.10%
> IDR 50 Million - IDR 500 Million 0.20%
> IDR 500 Million - IDR 1 Billion 0.60%
> IDR 1 Billion 0.80%

Effective since February 04, 2022