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Health Insurance that would provide compensation in the form of a daily allowance and reimbursement of inpatient drug costs because the insured is medically treated at the Hospital, as well as the Compensation Grief.


  • Maximum Daily Benefit Inpatient 1,000,000 per day: Hospitalization of at least 12 hours continuously because of accidents or 24 hours continuously because of illness, Maximum 180 days in one year.
  • Replacement cost of drugs per day as prescribed, the maximum 180 days in one year.
  • Funeral Benefit to the beneficiary designated, if the primary insured dies then the next coverage ends.
  • Healthy Bonus: If within the insurance claim does not happen, then the benefits will be paid 15% return on premiums paid.


  • Insured savings account holders are Customers BNI
  • As per the terms and conditions of underwriting insurance policies.

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