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Life Insurance program that provides protection for life or until the age of 90 years with limited premium payment period.

The main benefit

  • Death Benefits, if the insured dies during the period of insurance and insurance policies, then the value will be paid 100% Coverage
  • Living Benefits, if the insured lives up to the premium payment period expires, premiums will be refunded fully
  • Lifetime benefits, if the insured lives until the end of the insurance, then the value will be paid 100% Coverage

Other benefits

  • Additional Insurance Options Available
  • Personal Accident (PA)
  • Term Life
  • Personal Health
  • Available Cash Value which can be used to:
  • Loan Policy
  • Automatic Premium Loan
  • Free Insurance Policy Premiums
  • Redemption Policy

Example Simulation

Mrs. Santi, 30 years, buying products Eternal Solutions Plus with a choice of premium payment period of 5 years, with a sum assured Rp 1 M.

  • Premium to be paid per year: Rp57.680.000 for 5 years.
  • Benefits:
  • In the 10th, he was at age 40, get a return premium has been paid at 100% i.e. Rp288.400.000.
  • And at the age of 90 years Mrs. Santi will get back 100% of Sum Assured Rp1 M.
  • If it dies in the insurance and insurance is still valid, the heirs will be paid 100% of Sum Insured (Rp 1 M) and the insurance contract expires.