Relying on International Networks and Branch Offices, BNI Supports Diaspora Development

Relying on International Networks and Branch Offices, BNI Supports Diaspora Development

Jakarta, 18 April 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) is committed to continuing to support the government in exploring every opportunity for international trade business. As a global Banking partner, BNI has set 5 target segments for its international business, one of which is Diaspora.

BNI’s Treasury and International Director, Henry Panjaitan said apart from Diaspora, other segments that BNI targets for international business are MSMEs, Commercials, Corporations & Indonesian subsidiaries, global & regional Multi National Companies, as well as Financial Institutions & Investors.

"BNI through its international network and BNI branch offices abroad makes strategic efforts so that international trade connections can be realized through the provision of products and services, both Banking and beyond Banking," said Henry.

He continued that through these products and services, BNI will bring its customers to go global, either inviting Indonesian companies to expand overseas or to export more Indonesian products.

Meanwhile, throughout 2021 BNI has disbursed loans of RP 2.49 trillion through the Xpora program. BNI continues to encourage companies and MSMEs to sell their products overseas. Xpora itself is an acronym for Export and Diaspora.

Henry said that through Xpora, BNI would help MSMEs and exporters to expand their overseas markets. The existence of BNI's overseas branch offices is optimized to find buyers, especially from the Indonesian diaspora in their respective countries.

BNI further regularly brings together the exporters and importers through a business matching. Of course, the existence of BNI will increase the confidence of both parties to realize the transaction.

"Especially in Hong Kong, this business model has been running quite well, and there have been many deals between debtors at Hong Kong Overseas Branch Office as importers who buy products from BNI fostered customers in the country."

In the meantime, the Consul for Economics at the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong, Slamet Noegroho said that the current global situation, especially the Covid-19 pandemic and heating up geopolitics, has the potential to affect world trade flows. However, specifically for Indonesia in 2020-2021, the global situation would not significantly affect Indonesia's bilateral trade with the international community.

"Even last year, 2021, Indonesia recorded the highest trade surplus since 2006 which was 35.34 billion USD, while our total exports of 231.5 billion USD grew 41.88% from 2020. For Indonesia and Hong Kong, the total trade recorded in 2021 reached 40.02 billion HKD or 25% increase compared to 2020 worth 31.88 billion HKD. For investment, Hong Kong even occupied the second largest position of foreign investment in Indonesia worth 4.6 billion USD, up 30.4% from 2020." Slamet said.


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