FX Mobile, Forex Transactions Easier on BNI Mobile Banking

FX Mobile, Forex Transactions Easier on BNI Mobile Banking

Jakarta, 8 June 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI (stock code: BBNI) has again strengthened its commitment as a digital solution provider bank by launching FX Mobile. FX Mobile is a feature in the BNI Mobile Banking application that can be used by customers to obtain real-time exchange rate information, perform foreign exchange transactions (Forex), and make foreign exchange transfers both between BNI accounts and between banks.

The features of FX Mobile include Real Time Exchange Rate Information for all currency pairs, Buy and Sell Foreign Currency Transactions from customer's currency, Foreign exchange transfers between BNI and inter-bank accounts, and can display all foreign exchange transactions made by customers within selected period.

Various benefits can be felt by customers through FX Mobile features such as Getting competitive exchange rate information in Real Time, Ease of Foreign Exchange Buying and Selling Transactions and Foreign Currency Transfer, enabling cross currency transactions. All of these features can be enjoyed 24 hours non-stop.

The launching of FX Mobile today, Tuesday (7 June 2022) in Jakarta, attended by BNI Treasury and International Director, Henry Panjaitan and BNI Treasury SEVP, Ita Tetralastwati. Henry Panjaitan said that the many benefits and features of FX Mobile can increase customer satisfaction, which makes monitoring and conducting foreign exchange transactions easier. Through Mobile Banking, BNI shows its existence as a bank providing the most complete digital transaction solutions in Indonesia.

“Beyond the many benefits and features that exist in FX Mobile, we always prioritize security through various security components, namely User ID, MPIN and Password so that customers are safe and comfortable in using FX Mobile features on mobile banking. Of course, all of this personal information must be protected so that it doesn't change hands," said Henry.

Furthermore, Henry explained that using FX Mobile on BNI Mobile Banking is very easy. After logging in, customers can select the FX Mobile transaction menu. On the FX Mobile menu, customers can select Sub-Menu for Exchange Rate Info, Buy and Sell Foreign Currency, Foreign Currency Transactions between BNI, Foreign Currency Transfers between Banks, and Transaction History according to each customer’s needs.

As a financial institution that provides a one stop solution, BNI is committed to continuing to develop and innovate digitally in accordance with the needs of today's customers who require fast transactions, anywhere without a time limit.

Henry further said that customers can open FX Mobile feature and transact anywhere as long as they are in a telecommunications service provider area. Then the transaction notification will be sent to the registered customer's email.

Furthermore, Henry also explained that the Outgoing Transfer (OTR) delivery process is 1-3 days following the applicable SWIFT provisions. In addition, the OTR tariff consists of provision fee and OBK according to the applicable tariff.

There is no charge for foreign exchange transfer transactions between BNI. This is an advantage and can be used by customers who convert foreign currency for inter-BNI accounts.

In addition, Henry explained that customers' foreign exchange purchases against rupiah are equivalent to US$ 25,000 per month through FX Mobile feature. For customers who want to make transactions above the threshold, they can make transactions through a Branch to be able to check the suitability of the underlying transaction. (*)


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