BNI Wins TJSL BUMN Award 2022, Supporting Community Economy

BNI Wins TJSL BUMN Award 2022, Supporting Community Economy

Jakarta, 29 September 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) is committed to continuing to improve the economic development of the community in order to strengthen economic stability during the recovery period. 

This BNI move is awarded the Best Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL BUMN) 2022, with Outstanding Initiatives of Community Development Programs, Category: Financial Services from Warta Ekonomi, Thursday (29/9/2022).

This award is packaged in the Indonesia Best TJSL Awards 2022 event which carries the theme Establishing Business Responsibility based on Sustainable Development Goals.

It is hoped that state-owned companies in various sectors can continuously improve the implementation of social responsibility programs with various solution adaptations.

BNI Corporate Secretary, Okki Rushartomo conveyed that appreciation for the award was given to the company, where BNI was seen as having succeeded in carrying out its corporate social responsibility program very well, especially with the challenges that occurred in the economic recovery.

"Obviously, we will continue all the programs that have been going well for the development of this community. We hope that there will be more communities that are more empowered and able to jump higher," he said.

Okki explained that BNI's community development program includes community development in the economic and environmental fields.

BNI has the SOE House program which attracts a community of MSME players to form an ecosystem in order to support stronger business growth and penetrate the global market.

BNI also has the National Children's Tourism Area (KAWAN) program which is a form of BNI's contribution to the welfare of the Indonesian people, especially those located in Indonesia's Super Priority Destinations. Through KAWAN program, community-based sustainable tourism can develop and benefit the surrounding community.

The KAWAN program also attracts tourism actors to build a tourism ecosystem that has local characteristics with good service quality. 

In an effort to encourage green banking, BNI is also active in developing nature-loving communities in planting trees in disaster-prone areas.

"The programs we have carried out so far have been quite effective. As an agent of development, we also do not just help community development but actively encourage community independence by looking for sustainable economic business niches," he said.


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