Supportive in enhancing RI exports, BNI finances seafood trade ecosystems

Jakarta, March 14, 2019 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) provides wide-ranging financial support for export-based Indonesian business players. Besides providing finance for exporters, BNI also provides finance for importers who buy products sold by exporters from Indonesia. This scheme assists in realizing trade transactions between Indonesian businesses and importers in their destination countries.

Recently this scheme was applied to the trade in seafood produced by recipients of People’s Business Credit (KUR) channeled by BNI, for instance Abdul Rozak from Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. Abdul is a pond farmer exporting shrimp from his breeding farm in Bulukumba through PT Multi Monodon Group in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Multi Monodon receives seafood products from various pond farmers such as Abdul, which it then exports to buyers in numerous countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China and several other countries.

One of the buyers of seafood products from Multi Monodon is Wealthy Garden Holdings in Hong Kong. Through the BNI branch in Hong Kong, BNI then proceeds to provide import facilities.

BNI Treasury and International Director Rico Rizal Budidarmo stated that one of the strategies developed by BNI to increase exports for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) such as is to provide KUR facilities. From that financing scheme, Abdul can develop his farm business, which was originally created from two ponds.

"BNI perceives MSMEs as a strategic part of improving people's welfare," Rico explained.

Multi Monodon, as a seafood exporter company, is one of BNI Middle Credit Center (SKM) clients in the Makassar region. Multi Monodon, which started its business in 1997, is an exporter of frozen seafood such as fish and shrimp and purchases its main fresh ingredients for seafood products from breeders and fishermen to produce quality export products. Multi Monodon itself has been a BNI client since 2005 and exports its products to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China and other countries.

"In an effort to pursue the growth of export transactions as well as continuing to increase trade services to corporate customers, BNI also focuses on developing the export-based small scale business market," said Rico.

BNI International Division leader Eko Setyo Nugroho said BNI also provided counterpart assistance and training to exporter and importer customers. Moreover, BNI provides competitive pricing as well as fast and efficient import-export transaction services. BNI operates its branch offices abroad as a provider of low-cost funds that will be used to finance customers of importers and exporters in the country.


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