Splashy! Jerome Polin Opens an Account at the SOE Bank Tokyo Branch

Splashy! Jerome Polin Opens an Account at the SOE Bank Tokyo Branch

Tokyo, 15 May 2021 -- Youtuber from Indonesia Jerome Polin Sijabat or who is familiarly known as Jerome Polin had the opportunity to visit the BNI Tokyo office, Japan. At BNI Tokyo, Jerome finally learned an interesting fact that PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is the only bank from Indonesia in the country of Sakura. 
Jerome immediately tried to make a Remittance Card and opened a BNI Taplus account at BNI Tokyo Office.

"Wow, it has finally become real (BNI Taplus and Remittance Card). Yeay got the card too. Let's just try it,” said Jerome. So excited, Jerome tried his BNI Taplus card at a supermarket or shopping center in Japan. Jerome was even amazed because it turned out that the transaction was so fast with BNI Taplus via the EDC machine there, without even needing to enter a PIN.

"For a certain value, if (nominal) is not large. So there is no need for a PIN," said a BNI Tokyo’s employee who explained to Jerome. Jerome's full story can be seen here. And as one of the Indonesian diaspora in Japan, Jerome also tried the THR transfer feature digitally through BNI DiKado Feature via BNI Mobile Banking. Through DiKado feature, Indonesian diaspora/community can share by sending digital gifts accompanied by greeting cards to families in the country. "Just open our account at BNI Mobile Banking, we can send virtual gifts to friends or family. It's really easy," said Jerome. 

Through DiKado feature, Indonesian diaspora can choose greeting cards according to special moments, such as greeting cards with Eid al-Fitr theme written for loved ones. After the transaction, the public can directly SHARE the greeting card through the chat application on their smartphone. BNI Tokyo General Manager, M Emil Azhary told to Jerome, as the only Indonesian bank in Japan, BNI Tokyo serves many functions for business and trade between Japan and Indonesia. 

"BNI Tokyo functions to facilitate economic transactions between Indonesia and internationally such as investment, thus supporting Japanese investment entering Indonesia and vice versa, then supporting the expansion of Indonesian companies to Japan, and supporting trade transactions and international money transfers and of course supporting the Indonesian Diaspora," he said. 

Account opening at BNI Tokyo can also be served through 3 different currencies, namely rupiah, USD, and Japanese Yen. "So, at BNI Tokyo there are special services for Indonesians and specifically for Japanese people," Emil said to Jerome.

For more information, please contact:
BNI Corporate Secretary 
Phone: 021-5728387


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