B-Life Plan MultiPro

Plan B-Life Multipro right to be the solution for you who want to meet the various needs of individuals and families, by ensuring the availability of funds in the future through a flexible premium payment.


Key Benefits

Life insurance benefits worth 100% of sum assured plus the value of investments in unit prices that apply if you die by any cause.

Additional Benefits

Insurance benefits can be added according to choice of insurance benefits (riders), namely :

  • Personal Accident (PA).
  • Term Life.
  • Health.
  • Disability Premium Waiver.
  • Payor Benefit.
  • Critical Illness.

Investment Benefits

Investment Fund will be managed by PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia and PT Danareksa Investment Management, the investment options according to the character of investment risk and customer needs. Options, namely :

  • Fixed Income Fund : investment in fixed income securities, placed on debt securities and the remainder placed in money market instruments. A stable investment option with minimal risk and the outcome is more competitive than checking/savings. Placement of funds on deposit instruments, government bonds, fixed income funds.
  • Balance Fund : investing in bonds, cash and cash or other securities according to applicable regulations. Investment options are illiquid. Placement of funds on deposit instruments, mutual fund shares, fixed income funds.
  • Equity Fund : The investment aims to achieve long-term growth, consisting of stocks (listed on the Stock Exchange), debt securities and money market instrument of accession. Placement of funds in stocks, bonds, money market instruments.


  • Sign Insured Age : 6 months to 60 years.
  • Period of Insurance : Insured up to the age of 80 years.
  • Minimum premium basis : Rp 200,000.-/month and Premium Top-up Periodic Rp 100,000.-/month.
  • Investment funds can be added at any time with a minimum top-up once Rp 1,000,000.- (one million rupiah).
  • Alternative Premium Payment : Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Year and Yearly.

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