Christmas Momentum, BNI Encourages Entrepreneurial Creative Spirit

Christmas Momentum, BNI Encourages Entrepreneurial Creative Spirit

Jakarta, 26 December 2021 -- Christmas and the new year are periods where public consumption increases significantly so that it boosts a lot of business performance, especially micro, small and medium enterprises. This golden period is also used by many people to start showing off their business skills in responding to various market needs.

With this progress, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) also launched a special program to encourage the creation of new business players with the theme "Jump Higher, Work in the Spirit of Christmas".

In this program, BNI introduces entrepreneurial program in Christmas momentum in 10 SOE Houses among other things South Nias, Southeast Maluku, Central Sumba, Southwest Sumba, Belu, Katingan, Pontianak, Jayapura, Raja Ampat, and Sleman. In line with this new program, the company continues to increase efforts to mentoring MSMEs to 36 SOEs throughout Indonesia.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI, Mucharom conveyed this year program is devoted to creating new business opportunities that will be a source of growth for MSME performance in 2022. "However, the potential for economic growth next year looks very good. We hope this program can be a momentum to accelerate the national economic recovery by using Christmas and New Year's joyful momentum," he said.

In this program, BNI invites local SOE House MSMEs in the craft sector to carry out handicraft production activities such as weaving, batik, making other crafts at orphanages and nursing homes. Therefore, children and parents in the orphanage have the opportunity to learn and even contribute both in terms of making their own handicrafts or become additional assistance workers for BNI SOE House MSMEs.

"In addition, this is a momentum to increase people's love for local and national products that are starting to become global," he added.

Mucharom continued that BNI also carried out social activities, among others, such as providing basic necessities or health needs to prevent Covid such as Hand Sanitizer and adequate masks to these orphanages.

"Considering that 2022 has entered face-to-face learning and considering that we have been online for two years due to the pandemic, maybe the children's uniforms/shoes are already tight, then BNI will make donations for children's school needs such as uniforms or shoes," he added.

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