Serving 125 Currencies, BNI Achieves The Best Remittance Provider Throughout Southeast Asia

Serving 125 Currencies, BNI Achieves The Best Remittance Provider Throughout Southeast Asia

Kuala Lumpur, 13 February 2018 --- For the ninth time, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) receives award as the bank providing the best remittance service compared to other banks in Southeast Asia countries. Through various of breakthroughs, BNI achieves the 11th Annual Best Deal & Solution Awards fromAlpha Southeast Asia for the category  Best Remittance Provider in Southeast Asia 2017.

The award was given by the CEO of the Alpha Southeast Asia, Siddiq Bazarwala to the Director of Treasury & International of BNI, Panji Irawan, in Sofitel Damansara, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Tuesday (13 February 2018).

According to Panji, this award is a form of appreciation of the Alpha Southeast Asia to banking in Southeast Asia area that has achievement in their respective field. The success of BNI in achieving this award cannot be separated from the innovation continuously being developed to fulfill the needs of BNI customers and partners.

The development of BNI Remittance service cannot be separates from the strengthen of company support over Indonesian migrant labor overseas, which among other things is conducted through  the program of KAMI (Keluarga Migran Indonesia) Bersama BNI. Various activities packed in this KAMI Program enable Indonesian migrant labors to be able to plan their financial plans before returning to the home land when the contract is expired. They are also facilitated to keep on developing skill as a provision in opening business after returning to Indonesia. Through remittance service that is kept updated by BNI, the Indonesian migrant labors obtain facility in sending money to the home land.

“The KAMI program is the form of our appreciation and social commitment in improving the life quality of Indonesian Migrant Labors and their families. This program is comprehensive, namely cover Pre-Departure period, during their staying abroad, and when they return to Indonesia. The program inside covers Rumah Edukasi TKI in Indramayu and East Lombok, Capacity Building in South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong, as well as Training and provision of Computer, Sewing, Language  Scholarships and Caregiver in  Singapore,” he said.

“We has also provided 24/7 service for remittance. Difference time of bank operational and system between countries no longer becomes an obstruction. Remittance can be received in real-time, without having to wait for bank operation hour. In Indonesia, BNI is the only bank that has this system. This is our effort in fulfilling customers’ and our partners needs abroad. Difference of time, day, and operational time between BNI and the partners overseas is no longer a problem for us,” Panji continued.

BNI also becomes the only bank in Indonesia that has Call Center Special for Remittance Transaction that can be contacted at number (021) 29946099. As for in helping BNI customers overseas to open account and remittance, BNI has Remittance Representative Officer that is spread in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Netherlands.

In line with BNI spirit in 2017, namely BNI Digitalkan Hidupmu, BNI will develop system and chanelling to mobile banking that will be accessible by customers any time and anywhere, as the part of BNI Smart Remittance. “In the future, customers overseas must not come to outlets to send money, they can directly do it from their gadgets,” Panji said.


BNI Smart Remittance

BNI Smart Remittance is present to serve remittance from abroad to Indonesia, and from Indonesia to all over the world. Remittance from abroad to Indonesia, can be well received in BNI account, other bank account, or which is taken in cash in BNI branches, POST Office, Pegadaian, Alfamart, and other partners that cooperate with  BNI.

BNI remittance service from abroad is supported by a reliable system, and a wide international network through 6 Overseas Branch Offices, 2 Representative Offices, BNI Remittance Limited in Hong Kong, as well as 1,600 correspondent banks all over the world. In cooperation with banks throughout the world, BNI can also serve remittance overseas with the Same Day Service, Yuan Remittance, Won Remittance, Ringgit Remittance, as well as remittance to 125 local currencies all over the world. Throughout  2017, BNI has served remittance in the amount of 36 billion US Dollar.


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