Creating Global SMEs, BNI and Local Governments Combine Support

Creating Global SMEs, BNI and Local Governments Combine Support

Semarang, 19 March 2021 -- Strengthening small and medium enterprises (UKM) will not be maximized without the support of many parties. For this reason, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI in collaboration with the City Government of Semarang, Central Java, held a sharing session for Semarang SMEs to improve capabilities in terms of access to capital, market access, and digitization access. 

The joint effort to strengthen these SMEs is wrapped up in the SMEs of Semarang City Government  Go Global With BNI. The event was opened at the Weeskamer Building, Kota Lama Semarang, Central Java, Friday (19 March 2021). Present on the occasion were the Deputy Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu and BNI’s Vice President Director, Adi Sulistyowati. 

On that occation, Semarang City Government launched free promotion promotional facility for MSME players in Semarang City through Toko MbakIta, with the tagline "Dodolan Munggah Kelas" (Sales Upgrading). This platform was structured as an effort to bring SMEs to go digital and it is hoped that they can also go international in promoting their products for free by accessing the website and Instagram @tombakita. 

Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi said that at least SMEs often experience difficulties in accessing capital, transactions, information and readiness to face technological changes, as well as access to global markets. So that the SMEs of Semarang City Government  Go Global With BNI and Toko mbakITA can be one of the overall solutions for UKM players. "Through SMEs of Semarang City Government Go Global With BNI, the company prepares a set of facilities that can be used by SMEs to upgrade. 

In terms of financing, BNI offers many credit options, ranging from Micro Business Credit (KUR) with a maximum credit of IDR 50 million, and Small KUR with a maximum credit of IDR 500 million with only 6% interest. In addition, there are also BNI Entrepreneurial Loans with a limit of up to Rp. 1 billion, and Commercial Loans with a maximum credit limit of Rp. 15 billion. Even BNI has a Partnership Program for SMEs who are not bankable and feasible," said Susi.

The credit application stage is very easy, just go to the nearest BNI or fill out the BNI e-form, then there is an analysis process from the BNI officer, and finally a credit decision letter will be issued (SKK). 

"In terms of digital services, SMEs can monitor transactions through BNI e-channels, namely BNI Mobile Banking and BNI Direct, get easy transactions with QRIS, and take advantage of BNI EDC services. In this way, SMEs get a comprehensive BNI Banking Solution. SMEs can also take advantage of BNI Taplus Bisnis savings which is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, where the facilities that can be obtained include obtaining an EDC machine to support non-cash transactions if SMEs have outlets," she said.

In terms of supporting market expansion to the international arena, BNI has alerted its overseas branch offices to assist SMEs in finding potential buyers. BNI also provides a set of transaction tools that will make it easier for SMEs to receive payment for their export proceeds.

“BNI’s support in encouraging SMEs to enter the export market, it is supported by 6 overseas branch networks which will certainly expand the market reach of Indonesian SME players by providing insight into the specification needs of products needed by foreign customers (Business Matching) in collaboration with the Indonesian embassy. In addition, BNI also has BNI Trade Online services to facilitate LC transactions without going to branch offices," said Susi. 

The collaboration of BNI and Semarang City Government in the end will strengthen the regional economy, including strengthening the tourism sector. This is in accordance with the programs of the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Tourism to develop SMEs, from culinary, fashion, to handicrafts. BNI support this time is also in line with the National Movement Bangga Buatan Indonesia (BBI) of the government which is expected to provide a multiplier effect not only in Semarang, but throughout Indonesia.

The Deputy Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu (third right) and BNI’s Vice President Director, Adi Sulistyowati (second right), BNI’s Institutional Relation, Sis Apik Wijayanto (second left), and Head of the Semarang City Industrial Agency, Mustohar (second right) visiting one of batik booths fostered by Semarang City Government as well as BNI customers who have penetrated the international market at the event Semarang SMEs Go Global With BNI and the launching of Toko MbakITA  E-Commerce Program in Semarang, Central Java, Friday (19/3/2021). 

BNI is ready to support Semarang City SMEs who have joined the Toko MbakITA e-commerce to “Go Digital” and “Go International” in order to develop and compete in national and international markets.

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