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Is one of the BNI Emerald products in service, a complete selection mean investing in Mutual Funds. We realize that each person is different, therefore we provide a wide selection of mutual fund products from several leading investment manager who has worked with BNI. In Mutual Fund Supermarket, you will have the flexibility in choosing the type of mutual fund in accordance with the profile and risk tolerance you have.

Mutual Funds

Is a container used to collect funds from public investors to be invested in portfolio securities by the Investment Manager set up under the Collective Investment Contract (KIK) between the Investment Manager and Custodian Bank.

Types of Mutual Funds :

BNI's mutual fund supermarket to provide some alternative investments Mutual Funds by type, namely :

  1. Money Market Mutual Funds, invest 100% into money market instruments (SBI, Deposit, etc.) and bonds with remaining maturity of less than one year.
  2. Fixed Income Investment Fund, to invest a minimum of 80% in debt securities, generally in bonds.
  3. Mutual Shares Fund, to invest a minimum of 80% in the stock effect.
  4. Balanced Fund, invests in a combination of debt securities and securities in the proportion and percentage of shares of certain.
  5. Protected Fund, providing protection for investors through the mechanism of the initial investment portfolio management.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds :

  1. Diversification of investment
  2. Transparency of investment instruments and asset value at any time, with a Letter of Confirmation for each transaction and Monthly Account Statements.
  3. Professional management by the Investment Manager.
  4. Ease of access to investments with a wide selection of products to suit the risk profiles and needs.
  5. Liquidity

Investment managers who work with BNI :

  1. PT. Schroder Investment Management Indonesia.
  2. PT. Danareksa Investment Management.
  3. PT. Manulife Asset Management Indonesia.
  4. PT. BNI Securities.
  5. PT. BNP Paribas Investment Partners.
  6. PT. Bahana TCW Investment Management.
  7. PT. Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management.
  8. PT. Trimegah Asset Management.

Procedure for Purchase of Mutual Funds

  1. Become a customer BNI.
  2. Minimum purchase of Rp 10 million for the first time and for a minimum subsequent purchase of Rp 1 million.
  3. Customer first read and understand the Mutual Fund Prospectus.
  4. Customers fill out & sign the necessary forms at the BNI branch office selected by attaching a photocopy of valid ID card.
  5. Customers to deposit / transfer funds to purchase and purchase costs before 11:30 pm.

Investment Risk

  1. Risk reduction in the value of Units.
  2. Liquidity risk.
  3. Risk of default.
  4. The risk of political and economic changes.


  1. All investments in Mutual Funds involve risk. Investors must read and understand the prospectus before investing. Past performance does not reflect performance in the future.
  2. Mutual Fund is a Capital Markets product and is not a bank product, so it is not guaranteed by the Bank and is not included in the scope of the government guarantee program object or deposit guarantee.
  3. BNI acts as a Mutual Fund Sales Agent.
  4. BNI is not responsible for any and all claims and risks of managing fund portfolio.