BNI Extend Remittance Service to City Plaza Singapore

BNI Perluas Layanan Remitansi ke City Plaza Singapore

BNI Extend Remittance Service to City Plaza Singapore

Singapore, February 17, 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) sought to expand the reach of its remittance services in Singapore by adding BNI Remittance Center at City Plaza in addition to its existing branch office at Robinson Point and BNI Remittance Center at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore. The addition of service-specific offices will amplify the reach of BNI remittance services for about 120,000 more Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore.

The inauguration of LPB or BNI Remittance Center City Plaza was marked with an inscription by Republic of Indonesia State Minister Rini Soemarno in Singapore on Wednesday (February 17th 2016), and attended by Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore I Gusti Ngurah Swajaya and BNI Director Achmad Baiquni.

The expansion of service office is intended to provide added convenience for Indonesian migrant workers when conducting remittance transactions to Indonesia, Baiquni explained. BNI’s first step is to establish BNI Remittance Center at Lucky Plaza.

To accommodate an increasing number of migrant workers as well as an increasing demand for remittance services, BNI aims to provide consistently improved services by adding the limited purpose branch BNI Remittance Center at City Plaza to its list of branches. The selection City Plaza as the new BNI Remittance Center location takes into consideration the prominence of Indonesian migrant workers in the area and its choice as community gathering area on weekends. BNI Remittance Center City Plaza began operating on November 5th2015.

"Since its opening, there has been a significant increase in remittance transactions to Indonesia," added Baiquni. In 2015, BNI served 89,533 remittance transactions from Singapore, with a total value of Rp 36,38 trillion.

BNI held events dedicated to the community of Indonesian migrant workers as a token of appreciation for their confidence in BNI Singapore.

The event is part of BNI City Plaza Remittance Center inauguration series of activities on February 17, 2016. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia invited over 400 Indonesian migrant workers to the inauguration ceremony. Previously, BNI carried out Capacity Building exercises, such as entrepreneurial and skills training for migrant workers in preparation for their return to Indonesia.

State Minister Rini M. Soemarno recognized BNI for its efforts in continuous development of its services and accommodations of migrant workers in Singapore and other TKI destination countries. Additionally, BNI’s initiative to hold training sessions for Indonesian workers should be appreciated and imitated by state enterprises.

"Workforce training will provide workers with skills when they return to their homeland. Do remember to ask BNI for a loan to help expand your business, which offers an affordable 9% interest rate. Additionally, do not forget to use Garuda Indonesia when returning home," remarked Rini in front of more than 300 Indonesian workers in Singapore.

Rini stated that the government wishes to continue to provide protection for migrant workers, among others, by providing training sessions in Indonesia so that migrant workers receive training before going abroad. That way, they will be protected from exploitation efforts in foreign countries.

"The government wishes to protect all citizens, both inside and outside the country, because we understand how hard it is to work abroad and being away from your family. The government’s responsibility is to provide the best service for Indonesian workers," she concluded.

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