Exist Again in Proliga 2022, BNI Introduces New Team Composition

Exist Again in Proliga 2022, BNI Introduces New Team Composition

Jakarta, 2 January 2022 -- Volleyball in Indonesia is growing very rapidly, giving birth to many talented athletes. All stakeholders, including business players, are trying to provide the best support in order to accelerate the development trend of one of the favorite sports in the archipelago.

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (BNI) is also committed to continuing its support for national volleyball. The company, which is consistent in encouraging athletes to go international, introduces the new BNI 46 Men's Team which will compete in the Proliga 2022.

In the Proliga Competition 2020, he was ranked 1 before the Proliga 2020 match was suspended due to the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19).

In this Proliga season, BNI 46 Jakarta was strengthened by professional national and foreign players. The foreign players who were brought in this time came from Cuba and Japan.

To fill the Coach position, BNI again invited the Indonesian National Team Coach at the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Samsul Jais. Samsul Jais was also supported by two Assistants Coaches, namely Assistant Coach I, W Wahyu and Assistant Coach 2, Deny Saputra and with the support of the Team Manager, Sukandar.

Team Composition

The following is the latest lineup for BNI 46 Men's Team. Those in the outside hitters include Sigit Ardian, Muhammad Melgis Nur Amal, Rifaldi Azhar, Takahiro Tozaki, and Yohanes Dedi Prasasti. Players in the middle blocker are Osmany, Rian Irawan, RD Ahmad Gumilar, and Muhammad Alfian Taofik Aji Nugroho.

Meanwhile, the players in the opposite position are Dimas Saputra Pratama, Ahmad Dwi Setiangga, and Riko Arnanda Pratama. Meanwhile, the setters are Mahendra Rikha Buana, and I Kadek Juliadi, while the libero are Veleg Dhany Ristan and Muhammad Syaifudin Najib.

The Human Capital and Compliance Director of BNI, Bob Tyasika Ananta conveyed BNI is a company that is consistent and committed to supporting volleyball in Indonesia. This is the proof of BNI's participation in the Proliga competition from 2002 to the present as well as other forms of support for the national volleyball team. In the Proliga Competition in 2020, the BNI 46 Jakarta Team completed the Proliga match up to the elimination round 2 with the position of rank 1.

However, it is very unfortunate that the competition had to be stopped due to the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19). After almost 2 years of volleyball fans yearning for a volleyball national competition, at the end of 2022 the Indonesian Proliga will be held again.

"This year, we hope that with this continuous support, the BNI 46 Team can continue to grow and improve its capabilities, and this sport can develop further so that it can produce more international champion athletes," he said.

Bob continued, the material for this year's BNI 46 Jakarta Team has better capabilities than the previous composition. Moreover, the current team has a lot of energetic young bloods and has a thirst for higher wins to beat their opponents.

Of course, we hope that this new team can score the best achievements in the prestigious national volleyball event this year. BNI also hopes that this event will be the beginning for various other volleyball competitions to be held again in order to re-enhance the spirit of developing this sport.

"Hopefully what we have done and will do can bring the BNI Jakarta Team to become champions in the Proliga in 2022," he added.

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