Dramatic Comeback, Denny Sumargo Almost Loses Against Bank Employees

Dramatic Comeback, Denny Sumargo Almost Loses Against Bank Employees

Jakarta, 9 January 2022 – The arrogant basketball player Denny Sumargo continues to look for opponents to be able to prove himself as the greatest basketball player in the universe. This time, Denny came to challenge the former National Basketball Athlete, Bona Siregar who currently has a career at PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. to compete one on one.

The challenge was accepted by Bona and they competed on the basketball court of the Pejompongan BNI Tower Building. Denny said the reason was challenging because of his grudge against Bona in the past who had elbowed him in a big national match. "Bona used to be my junior. So we've never actually been one on one. But I met him in the League and he played rough, my face was elbowed. And today I want revenge," he said jokingly, recently.

Denny also had the opportunity to get the ball first. Just before starting the match, Denny reminded the rules of the game that were applied. "You know the rules, right? 2 points, 3 points, from the middle 5 points.”

Both Denny and Bona had time to try each other's luck by making 3 point shots even though it still didn't work. Several Lay Up attempts were not successful at the beginning of the match until Denny finally scored his first 2 points. Not long after, Bona managed to catch up far.

Not wanting to lose, Denny continued to fire his shots to catch up. Bona has the upper hand by getting 5 points from a shot from the center of the field. The situation began to turn around with Denny's points scoring slowly but surely, until he managed to score 5 points with the bowling shot technique.

Not just satisfied, Denny gave Bona an opportunity to do 5 points, but unfortunately still failed. Denny also won with the final result 24 – 18.

"It's over. BNI Singapore, let's go there," said Denny very satisfied.

Global Talent

His real name is Bonanza Siregar, he who used to be part of the Satria Muda team for a long time has now decided to pursue a career at BNI. For him, BNI is the right place because every employee is prepared to become a talent who is ready to compete on the world stage or commonly known as Global Talent. This is supported by the presence of BNI Overseas.

Branch Offices (KCLN) in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, London, and New York, as well as Sub Branches in Osaka.

After graduating from master’s education at the age of 28, Bona decided to retire from basketball and join BNI. "BNI is a place for ex-players like me, who can have a career and work, supported by adequate facilities for their employees to exercise," he said.

Denny also agreed with Bona. “At BNI, there is a gym, a futsal court, a basketball court, a very pleasant office, and of course people who are very cooperative and supportive in their work. So BNI has a vision and mission to be closer to millennials, including recruiting millennials like you who have achievements from sports and other athletes from other sports.”

“There are a lot of employees who used to be athletes from other sports such as volleyball and badminton. Well, now BNI is still supporting Indonesian badminton. Yesterday just won the Thomas Cup.”

"Oh yes, it’s because badminton is indeed our cultural sport. We already know that badminton's achievements are everywhere. It's different from basketball which is just famous, it's just me," joked Denny.

Open Account After Playing Basketball

Before going home, Bona wanted to give a gift of money to Denny, but cashless between BNI accounts.

Denny, who doesn't have a BNI account, was about to immediately rush to the nearest BNI branch office, but was prevented by Bona.

"You just need to open the account on your cellphone. Enter the BNI microsite, then read the terms and conditions first. Choose the type of savings between Taplus or Taplus Muda. But since you're not young anymore, you just choose Taplus. Fill in your personal data, upload a photo of your ID card, NPWP, selfie with your ID card, and a photo of your signature. You also don't forget to activate BNI Mobile Banking so that it's easy to check whether the prize money from me has entered or not.”

"Watch out if I check, but there's nothing," Denny was still joking before finally resigning. "See you later, Bro!".

As for, this fierce basketball battle can be watched on the Youtube Channel of Arrogant Basketball Player Denny Sumargo with the link :


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