Digital Investment Increased, BNI Targets Millennials

Digital Investment Increased, BNI Targets Millennials

Jakarta, 10 March 2022 -- Investment penetration through digital channels is getting stronger along with the increasing need for easy-to-use investment products. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI continues to increase its efforts to acquire millennial investors due to the large number and potential for growth of funds.

The Head of BNI Wealth Management Division, Henny Eugenia, said that currently, internet penetration in Indonesia has reached 70%. This also illustrates the behavior of customers who are currently also more dominant in investing through digital channels.

"We have several segments that we continue to improve their performance. For wealth management, there is a private name. There is also a priority, namely Emerald. There is also a retail millennial segment. And this continues to grow well in line with people's digital adoption," she said.

Through digital, Henny continued, the company began to be able to reach regional millennial investors. From previously remote and untraceable, this customer segment has been able to invest easily with just their mobile phone. In addition, Henny did not deny that the fairly good economic growth in the current economic recovery period has made the investment allocation of public funds even larger. In fact, many millennials are increasingly literate with investment and have started saving stocks from an early age, even though the nominal is still small.

"We are also trying to answer these needs. Apart from securities, BNI has a securities subsidiary. We have also collaborated with 11 investment managers. Customers also open BNI accounts, then open mutual fund accounts, just monitor and buy various products on BNI mobile banking." Despite the high potential for fund growth for the millennial segment, Henny said that investment literacy is still a program that will continue to be strengthened this year. Moreover, there are many hoaxes and fraudulent investments that continue to erode the real growth of national investment.

"The challenge is that there are many hoaxes, don't be tempted by returns alone, but don't see the risks and see the wrong websites and the like, as well as literacy," she explained.


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