Distributing 25% Profit, BNI Dividend Increase 3.3 Times

Distributing 25% Profit, BNI Dividend Increase 3.3 Times

Jakarta, 15 March 2022 – BNI Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) of the Financial Year 2021 approved dividend distribution of 25% of the net profit for the financial year 2021 or equivalent to Rp 2.72 trillion, to be distributed as cashdividend to shareholders.

By taking into account the composition of government-owned shares of 60%, BNI will deposit a dividend of Rp 1.63 trillion to the State General Treasury account. Meanwhile, the ownership of 40% of public shares worth Rp 1.09 trillion will be given to shareholders according to their respective ownership portions.

The dividend value for the financial year 2021 will increase by 3.3 times from the dividend for the financial year 2020 of IDR 820.1 billion. Thus, the value of the dividend per share this time is set at Rp. 146, up 3 times compared to last year's Rp 44. Last year, the government received a dividend of Rp 492.58 billion to the state general treasury account. Public dividend for 40% share ownership is recorded at Rp 327.52 billion.

This AGMS also gives authority and power to the Board of Directors of the Company with substitution rights, to determine the schedule and procedure for the dividend distribution for the Financial Year 2021 in accordance with the applicable regulations. As for, 75% of the Company's Net Profit or Rp 8.17 trillion will be used as Retained Earnings Balance for BNI's sustainable business development going forward. BNI Annual GMS 2021 will be held in Jakarta, Tuesday (15 March 2022).

BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar said the company had taken a number of steps, strategies and policies aimed at maintaining and improving performance in the midst of these quite challenging conditions. The Board of Commissioners consistently directs, monitors, and evaluates the implementation of the Bank's strategic policies in 2021, among others through evaluation of the Bank's Business Plan and financial performance in 2021.

The shareholders fully support the various strategic policies taken in 2021 in the face of challenges and fast-paced business dynamics. The strategic policies taken include; First, improving credit quality through improved risk management. Second, increasing digital capability to meet customer needs.

Third, increasing business expansion in a sustainable manner. Fourth, increasing CASA and FBI through increased transactions. Fifth, optimizing international business and networks by strengthening partnership cooperation. Sixth, optimizing the Contribution of Subsidiaries. And, seventh, optimizing Human Capital in supporting the Bank's business.

"With the resolution of shareholders, it is hoped that BNI will continue to record good corporate business performance, provide maximum public services, as well as become a motor in encouraging the growth of the Indonesian economy," he said.

Bank Mayora Acquisition and Treasury Stock

BNI's Finance Director, Novita Widya Anggraini said that the AGMS also approved the company's corporate action to take over the shares of PT Bank Mayora whose summary of the takeover plan was conveyed through a public disclosure on 22 January 2022.

We hope that everything will run smoothly, so that all approvals and requirements related to the takeover plan can be completed by the end of April or early May 2022," she said.

In addition, the GMS also approved to transfer in its entirety the shares resulting from the buyback 2021, which were kept as treasury shares totaling 24,682,600 (twenty four million six hundred eighty two thousand six hundred) shares, in the framework of share ownership program for Employees and Management.

She said the buyback was carried out with the aim of increasing BBNI's share ownership by employees and management, so that it is expected to increase company value and encourage the achievement of performance targets. The buyback is part of the continuation of the current employee stock ownership and management program (MESOP, Management Employee Stock Option Plan).

In addition, Novita said that the Bank's Business Plan (RBB) for 2022 has been prepared by taking into account the challenging economic conditions both domestically and globally. "With these conditions, we project that the Company's performance indicators in 2022 include credit growth in the range of 7% to 10%, Net Interest Margin 4.6% to 4.8%, and cost of credit 2.0% to 2.3. %," she said.


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