Synergy of BNI, Pertamina, Pupuk Indonesia dan ITB, Strengthen Catalyst Factory Development

Synergy of BNI, Pertamina, Pupuk Indonesia dan ITB, Strengthen Catalyst Factory Development

Jakarta, 16 March 2022 -- The strategic synergy between SOEs and Universities in the context of mastering process technology and developing palm oil-based energy resources or green fuel is getting stronger with the collaboration between PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk and PT Katalis Sinergi Indonesia which is a joint venture company between: PT Pertamina (Persero) through Pertamina's Subholding Commercial and Trading subsidiary, PT Pertamina Lubricants; PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) through its subsidiary, PT Pupuk Kujang; and ITB through its company, PT Rekacipta Innovation ITB, which focuses on supporting patents and startup innovations.

In this synergy, BNI plays a role in providing financing and Banking solutions for the construction of the Merah Putih Catalyst Factory, which is the first catalyst producer from Indonesia. This project is one of the National Strategic Projects (PSN) based on Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 109 of 2020 and has been listed in the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024, will produce catalysts that are fully developed and patented independently in the country. Factory production of PT. Katalis Sinergi Indonesia will produce +/- 800 tons of catalyst per year from 2 (two) production lines. The Katalis Merah Putih produced in the initial stage consisted of hydrotreating catalysts for Pertamina's use by 64% and oleochemical catalysts for the purposes of the oleochemical industry in Indonesia by 36%.

The realization of this financing was carried out on 16 March 2022, with the signing of a Credit Agreement (PK) by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. represented by the Head of BNI Corporate Business Division 3, Rudy Sihombing with the President Director of PT Katalis Sinergi Indonesia, Achmad Setiawan in Kujang Cikampek Industrial Estate, witnessed by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, the President Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), Bakir Pasaman and the Director of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development of PT Pertamina (Persero), Iman Rachman. This momentum will attract the attention of relevant stakeholders, including shareholders, the Committee for the Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Provision (KPPIP), to relevant ministries (Coordinating Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of SOEs to Ministry of Industry).

Rudy Sihombing conveyed that the provision of this financing facility was a clear proof of the implementation of BNI Go Green brand which established BNI as a pioneer of Green Banking in Indonesia. By integrating business programs in line with the Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs no. 7, namely clean and affordable energy and no. 13, namely tackling climate change through financial support for businesses with sustainable value to the environment.

The financing support for the Katalis Merah Putih Plant construction project is BNI's first environmentally friendly credit expansion in 2022, contributing to the addition of the company's Green Portfolio and a form of proof that BNI is one of the Banks that is the driving force behind Sustainable Finance in Indonesia.

The Katalis Merah Putih project financing is a form of BNI's contribution in providing a one stop Banking solution for greenfield projects that can have an impact on both business and the environment by providing facilities consisting of investment credit, working capital, as well as the provision of LC/SKBDN, GB, and SBLC ceilings with a maximum total value of Rp. 257.9 M.

With the construction of this factory, it is hoped that it will be able to significantly reduce dependence on imported catalysts, accelerate the birth of new product and technological innovations, build the competitiveness of domestic industries while increasing the independence and energy security of the Indonesian nation. The presence of PT Katalis Sinergi Indonesia's production catalyst will also increase the use of domestically produced raw materials so as to increase the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) because it is designed and developed fully from within the country with the support of various parties, especially ITB for the development of catalyst technology to be produced.

The catalyst that will be produced by PT KSI is a catalyst that has been jointly developed by Pertamina as a prospective user and ITB as a technology provider. Due to the development of catalysts carried out jointly with the user, PT KSI's catalyst products have a comparative advantage compared to similar products in the industry.

The President Director of PT Pupuk, Kujang Maryadi emphasized that catalysts are very important in almost all aspects of our lives, and almost all industries will definitely need catalysts. In addition, Indonesia is the second largest palm oil producer in the world after Malaysia which through catalysts can convert palm oil into Green Fuel. With the support for the construction of the Merah Putih Catalyst Factory, it will proof that the Indonesian people are able to create their own catalysts without depending on the supply of imported catalysts.

The Director of Business Strategy, Portfolio, and Development of PT Pertamina (Persero), Iman Rachman said that as an SOE energy, Pertamina will continue to encourage the energy transition by using new and renewable energy by utilizing abundant natural resources in the country. "By producing catalysts as a component of clean energy, we are able to make a significant contribution to a sustainable energy transition, in line with the main agenda of the G20 Summit 2022," said Iman.

This was agreed by the Acting President Director of PT Pertamina Lubricants, Werry Prayogi who stated that the Katalis Merah Putih program was expected to bring benefits to the Pertamina Group. For PT Pertamina Lubricants, the Katalis Merah Putih program is a new business, while on the other hand it is expected to be able to maintain stability in supply and price of catalysts for refineries owned by PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional.

Strategic Catalyst Industry

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif hopes that this catalyst factory can grow healthy in the future and become a strategic industry in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia currently needs a strategic new renewable energy industry as a motor to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, Indonesia's fossil-based energy also has an expiration date, so it is necessary to find new renewable energy to be more sustainable. "Could it be a source of our energy in the future? So, we need catalysts so that they can become energy materials used by the community. Of course, there are many arguments and discussions. But the longer the discussion process, the more we lose," he said.


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