BNI Responding Diaspora Needs

BNI Responding Diaspora Needs

Jakarta, 20 March 2022 -- Living in a foreign country is certainly not an easy thing. In addition to language and cultural adaptation, there are also many administrative obstacles and even the need for banking services that cannot all be fulfilled. Responding to these concerns, the government continues to strengthen its commitment to support the diaspora overseas. As a government development agency with international excellence, BNI is increasingly serious in encouraging exploration of collaboration with the diaspora.

During her exclusive visit, Youtuber Kimbab Family Mama Gina was very impressed with the government, especially BNI as an extension of the government. The company is proactive in finding banking solutions for the Indonesian diaspora who want to be more productive overseas.

"So this BNI is serious about helping the diaspora in South Korea. Previously, we Indonesian citizens felt like we had no one. But after knowing that there was BNI in South Korea, it felt like we were safe," said Mama Gina on her Youtube Chanel, Friday (18/3/2022).

According to her, BNI is the first state bank to have a targeted program that will certainly help many productive activities for the Indonesian diaspora. "I'm very happy that BNI has helped the diaspora abroad a lot. For diaspora who want to develop their business, BNI can help with funding. BNI can be relied on," she said.

The Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Erick Thohir emphasized the need for national banks to support the diaspora. For this reason, BNI was appointed to continue to increase its focus on international business expansion.

Moreover, the collaboration of the diaspora with national banks is an effort to continue to create many investment opportunities abroad, increase the potential for new jobs for the Indonesian people, encourage domestic MSMEs to go global, as well as attract a lot of potential investment from overseas.

"Of course we continue to support the Indonesian diaspora with various programs. In particular, we will support the Youtuber Kimbab Family in Korea to do more work. We can support it, if necessary, we will pay for it," Erick said while talking to Mama Gina recently.

The General Manager of BNI Seoul Branch Office, Anisfu said BNI is the only bank that has a branch office in Indonesia. With the existence of this office, BNI also has an important task not only to continue old businesses, but also to find new growth niches, namely collaboration with the Indonesian diaspora in South Korea. He said, BNI has so far started various training programs and financial planning assistance for the diaspora in South Korea.

"In the future, we will also continue to explore the potential for collaboration between BNI and the diaspora. We know there are diaspora who have businesses, we are ready to finance. We are also ready to support various banking and beyond banking solutions that we have," he said.

Kimbab Family: Account Opening is Really Easy at BNI Seoul

As for, the Kimbab Family Youtuber was amazed by the ease of banking solutions offered by BNI. Indonesian citizens can easily come to the branch and be served with the best smile when they want to open an account. Even abroad, BNI can still facilitate account opening through BNI mobile banking. Customers only need to prepare an E-KTP as a photo attachment for photo opening requirements.

"So BNI in South Korea can still open rupiah accounts. Transfers to others to rupiah accounts in Korea are like transfers to fellow customers in Indonesia," she said. Furthermore, Mama Gina expressed her admiration for the design of BNI Seoul office. The display of MSME products at branch offices illustrates the spirit of BNI to continue to encourage the MSME industry to expand overseas. "The BNI branch office location is also very strategic in the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building. The building is really nice and if you want to come here the access is also very easy," she said.


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