BNI Proactively Addresses Logistics dan Container Scarcity

BNI Proactively Addresses Logistics dan Container Scarcity

Semarang, 24 March 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) continues to strengthen global capabilities through continuous expansion of partnerships with exporters and importers. This is in line with the continued improvement in the potential for world economic growth in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic which is starting to be very controlled.

The Bank with the mandate of the Indonesian global Bank from the government is also proactive in seeking solutions to strategic issues in terms of international trade, especially the scarcity of containers, in order to help build positive optimism for domestic business players.

BNI held a webinar BNI Regional Trade Talk Series - Regional Office 05 Semarang and Regional Office 17 Yogyakarta with the theme "Dealing with Logistics and Container Scarcity".

The event, which was held at the BNI Semarang Regional Office earlier this week, was attended by the Deputy Governor of Central Java Province, H. Taj Yasin Maimoen, the Head of Regional Financial Services Authority Representative Office 3 Central Java and DIY, Aman Santosa, the Head of Central Java Province Bank Indonesia Representative Office, Rahmat Dwi Saputra and participated by BNI customers who are export-import players, representatives from Customs and Excise, the Indonesian Logistics Freight Forwarders Association (AFLI), and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Indonesia. This webinar aims to provide information related to the challenges faced by import-export players, especially regarding the increase in Freight Costs and the scarcity of containers.

BNI’s Director of Treasury and Internationals Henry Panjaitan said the scarcity of containers in the shipping process of export goods is a problem for the business world today, and occurs in various countries, where Indonesia is one of the countries affected by this condition.

This is one of the backgrounds for BNI to take the theme of this webinar. The Company presented a number of qualified speakers such as the Head of KKPBC TMP Tanjung Emas, Anton Martin, Acting the Head of the Indonesian Logistics Freight Forwarders Association (ALFI) Central Java dan D.I.Y, Suprapto Suwaji and the Technical Advisor Banking Technique dan Practice International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Indonesia, Haryadi Sarpini, D.C. Master.

"The holding of the BNI Regional Trade Talk Series event is a series of pre-events ahead of the BNI Global Trade Forum (GTF) 2022 event which will be held this year. In addition to the regional scale, we also hold an international scale webinar which we call the Diaspora Trade Talk Series, and last February it was held in Hong Kong," said Henry.

The Regional Trade Talk Series event is a webinar that is held in a hybrid or full online manner by presenting speakers from local associations and agencies, export and customs support sectors in the country. The Diaspora Trade Talk Series event is an international webinar held online/virtually that discusses issues related to trade, commodities needed (imports), financing for diaspora/importers in local countries as well as business matching sessions, presenting speakers from Diaspora, exporters, importers, trade associations and the Indonesian Embassy in each country.

The Regional Trade Talk Series and Diaspora Trade Talk Series events will be held alternately every month, domestically and overseas. Currently in Semarang City, and next month we plan to hold it in Tokyo. Continue in the next cities, namely Surabaya and Medan, while on an international scale it will be held in Amsterdam and Sydney. 

BNI hopes to become the main partner for parties in the export-import ecosystem as well as regulators, especially in providing financial and financing solutions, including being a liaison in business match making between Indonesian exporters, especially MSMEs with the Indonesian Diaspora as well as potential businesses overseas.
"This is also a form of BNI's commitment as a Bank with global capabilities and a focus on international business and being a partner of exporters and importers, as well as acting as a bridge for Indonesia and the world. This includes encouraging Indonesian MSMEs to be able to compete in the global market," he added.

In terms of overseas networks, BNI is able to facilitate customer needs through a network of 1,445 Correspondent Banks around the world, distributes Diaspora financing facilities through 6 overseas branch offices, and facilitates opening of Indonesian Diaspora Accounts Overseas.

In terms of domestic network, the company has Trade Advisory by +/- 40 Trade Finance Officers throughout Indonesia, Xpora services in 7 Hubs such as Medan, Bandung, Jakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Makassar, optimal service through Trade Processing Center of ISO 9001:2015 certified with same-day service, corporate and personal remittance services to serve remittances abroad supported by a call center that functions as a tracking unit, as well as International Desks in Japan, Korea, and China that are ready to serve Banking needs of Foreign Multinational Companies in Indonesia as an entry gateway for the entry of Foreign Direct Investments.

BNI Regional Trade Talk Series

The BNI Regional Trade Talk is a workshop-webinar with discussion topics about export-import activities and presenting stakeholders and regulators from the local export-import ecosystem (including Customs dan Excise, Department of Industry and Commerce, Customs Service Management Companies, ICC, related associations, etc.) held by BNI in each Region throughout 2022 with a focus on improving the performance of national exports and imports, as well as in order to realize BNI's vision dan mission as a state-owned Bank that focuses on international Banking #GoGlobal.

The benefits of this BNI Regional Trade talk for export-import-oriented MSME business players include to getting updates related to export-import procedures, market potential, superior commodities, related regulations, current issues and customs to all stakeholders and actors in the export-import ecosystem in each region.

The Regional Trade Talk is also expected to be able to connect import-export players with Trade Professionals in all BNI Regional Offices throughout Indonesia to provide advisory related to Trade transactions both domestically and internationally.

BNI Trade Finance Service

BNI Trade Finance is here to serve the needs of Trade both domestic and overseas (Export-Import) with the Tag Line: "Bridging Indonesia dan the World". The BNI Smart Trade products include: Letter of Credit, Domestic Documentary Letter of Credit (SKBDN), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Demand Guarantee, Counter Guarantee and Supply Chain Financing based on Open Account Financing.

The Trade Finance BNI Service is supported by a reliable digital system through BNI Trade Online (BTO) which is integrated with BNI Direct (Internet Banking), an extensive international network and the only state-owned Bank in Indonesia that has a global network through overseas branch offices, including in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York and Seoul-South Korea, as well as approximately 1,445 correspondent Banks worldwide and served by Trade Finance Officers (TFOs) spread across BNI Regional Offices in Indonesia to provide Advisory on Trade Finance and International trade.

During January 2022, BNI recorded a Trade Transaction Volume of USD 3.66 billion, grew by 10.79% for Central Java dan DIY, in line with BNI's Export Volume which grew by 8.73% and BNI's Imports grew by 9.29% in the same period.
The awards BNI has received are: The Best Trade Finance Bank in Indonesia from The Asian Banker in 2014 – 2015 and The Best Trade Finance Bank in Indonesia for Alpha South East Asia Magazine in 2010 – 2020 for 10 consecutive years.


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