BNI Encourages Rehabilitation of Anyer Coastal Forest and Upstream of Citarum Watershed

BNI Encourages Rehabilitation of Anyer Coastal Forest and Upstream of Citarum Watershed

Jakarta, 27 March 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) again encourages environmental awareness programs to restore natural conditions. As a green Banking pioneer, BNI collaborates with the KJA Foundation to collaborate on an environmental rehabilitation program for the coastal area of Anyer Beach and upstream of the Citarum River Watershed through the nursery development program, planting and maintaining for trees.

This collaboration program uses a CSR mechanism in the form of a nursery of 100,000 trees in the Anyer Beach area, a nursery of 200,000 trees in the upstream area of the Citarum River watershed, the cost of planting activities, as well as the cost of tree maintenance activities.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy and Director of BNPB Disaster Prevention, Jarwansyah, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Kita Jaga Nature Foundation, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Doni Monardo were present to witness the event.

From the BNI side, BNI’s Corporate Secretary, Mucharom was here to open the Tree Planting program at Anyer Beach, Sunday (27/3/2022). Doni Monardo advised that setting up tree nurseries on the beach is a humanitarian program, because indirectly we have saved future generations from the possible threat of natural disasters.
"We hope that the BNI Go Green program can continue to provide benefits for the environment and the surrounding community," he said.

Mucharom said that the losses caused by natural disasters are sometimes very large, so that they have an impact on the economic sector and natural change itself. Therefore, as a government development agency tasked with sustainable economic construction, BNI continues to seek to expand partnerships while at the same time encouraging environmental-based social awareness programs.

"We hope that today's program can be useful and inspire other corporations to not only focus on exploitation but also on protecting and preserving the environment," he said.

Mucharom said that the program period runs from March to December 2022. The form of program implementation is in the form of education about forest rehabilitation, nurseries and disaster mitigation for employees and the community. There is also an employee volunteer program for tree planting by BNI employees and KJA.

"We also have a participation program for new customers who activate mobile Banking or open an account to participate in getting 1 tree for reforestation or land rehabilitation as well as BNI's support for the global commitment to the G20 program," he added.


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