BNI Java Jazz On The Move Relieves Fans' Longing for Endah N Rhesa's Voice

BNI Java Jazz On The Move Relieves Fans' Longing for Endah N Rhesa's Voice

BNI Java Jazz On The Move (JJOTM) 2022, became a successful and effective pre-event, in bringing cheers from the public to welcome the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival or BNI Java Jazz Festival on 27 - 29 May 2022. 

In the last series of JJOTM 2022, which was on 30 April 2022, the Indonesian jazz, folk and blues musician duo, Endah N Rhesa, would also enliven the JJOTM performance. Accompanied by the presence of Adhitya Sofyan, who is known as a chamber musician, thanks to his independent songs recorded in his room. They are further confirming JJOTM 2022 as the long-awaited music festival.

"Hopefully Covid-19 will get better and BNI will be able to continue to support the BNI Java Jazz Festival and other forms of music festivals," said Adithya. 

It is known that they appeared on stage at 19.30 WIB, where Adhitya Sofyan performed 7 songs including After The Rain, 8 Years, Forget Jakarta, Gaze, Adelaide Sky, Blue Sky Collapse, and Something in Jogja. JJOTM on the last day was held at Coffee Walk Lippo Mall Puri Indah. 

He was happy to fill and be a part of JJOTM 2022, similarly, Endah N Rhesa appreciated BNI for its efforts to support event activities as well as to build optimism for the easing of the COVID outbreak. 

"We are clearly very happy because the last festival we played before the pandemic was Java Jazz, then once everything died down we started again with Java Jazz, so we closed and opened," he said. 

According to Endah, the passion for JJOTM 2022 can trigger the success of similar events in Indonesia to be held. "This is a very good effort made by the sponsors, namely BNI, and hopefully other music or creative festivals will emerge," she said. 

Not wanting to lose to Adhitya, Endah N Rhesa greeted the longing of their loyal fans through the first song that was sung, namely Blue Day. The three of them succeeded in bewitching their admirers and enlivening the JJOTM music performance. 

The series of JJOTM 2022 is proven by BNI to be able to encourage public confidence in bringing back music activities that were absent in the previous year due to the high spread of the Corona virus. At a later time, BNI continues to maintain Indonesia's optimism to provide better prospects for now and in the future, and one of them is represented by the success of BNI Java Jazz Festival pre-event, namely BNI Java Jazz On The Move (JJOTM) 2022.

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