BNI KUR Customers Entering Turkish Market

BNI KUR Customers Entering Turkish Market

Istanbul, 7 June 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) continues to make success in creating new Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with export capacity and capability.

People's Business Credit (KUR) is also a segment of financing debtors who can enjoy the opportunity to promote class and penetrate the world market, especially Turkey with BNI.

BNI participated in enlivening the Turkish Senggol Market Festival by bringing 50 types of products from MSME fostered partners. Senggol Market is an Indonesian economic and cultural festival in Turkey. The establishment of this festival is a real proof of Indonesian diaspora who have businesses and can survive during the pandemic.

Citing data from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, the total trade in 2021 between Indonesia and Turkey was recorded at US$ 2.01 billion with Indonesia as a net exporter with a surplus of US$ 1.2 billion. Turkey's economic growth in 2021 is still able to be maintained at 11%.

Founder of Faber Instrument Indonesia, Helmi Suana admitted that BNI has a high spirit in encouraging MSMEs to be able to improve their capabilities and business quality to achieve maximum performance of this Turkey Senggol Market.

He has even only been registered as a debtor for one year and has started to get the opportunity to showcase his products at various MSME festivals both locally and internationally.

"We just joined BNI. However, we are very grateful because BNI gave us the opportunity to participate in many market development programs, especially by participating in various festivals, including in Turkey," he said.

Helmi said BNI was also proactive in supporting the development of domestic wood design industry. In his opinion, this step is important if you want to make more quality wood designs so that they can more easily penetrate foreign markets.

In fact, this vintage wooden radio producer is trying to build a workshop in which it can accommodate various design products. The hope is that this can attract a lot of attention from local and international tourists to get to know MSME design products that are also of high quality.

"If this is successful, we hope to stimulate the local tourism sector as well as increase demand, which in turn will encourage us to open more production centers in various cities," he said.

On the same occasion, another BNI’s People’s Business Credit (PBC) debtor, Founder of Bali Wirama, I Gusti Ngurah Made Wirathanaya also appreciated BNI's proactive steps to find suitable festivals for its products in the form of handmade decoration accessories.

"In addition to financing, BNI is actively looking for festivals that are suitable for us. That is also a very helpful thing. Including bringing us to this MSME festival in Turkey," he said.

Wirama said that BNI's proactive steps made its efforts to continue to innovate and increase capacity.
"Hopefully our business growth trend will continue. We thank BNI. We may also add more production centers," he added.

BNI Becomes Turkey's MSE Aggregator

The Indonesian Consul General in Istanbul, Imam As'ari said BNI has an important role as an aggregator of Indonesian MSMEs to penetrate the Turkish market.

According to him, the trade balance which currently has reached more than US$2 billion will continue to grow and requires strong banking industry players in international business.

"Of course, BNI's role is very important as an aggregator. BNI provides financing products as well as being proactive in holding various business meetings to increase MSME penetration in the global market," he said.

According to him, BNI can also be active in supporting various festivals from the diaspora in Turkey to be able to create a stronger business network.

"The total number of Indonesian diaspora in Turkey is still very small, around 6,000. But it should be noted that the business network of this diaspora is very strong and BNI can take advantage of it," he said. (*)


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