BNI Supports MSMEs to Reach More than 10 Countries

BNI Supports MSMEs to Reach More than 10 Countries

Jakarta, Sunday 25 September 2022 -- The performance of export MSMEs is not only able to prove the opening of better job opportunities for domestic workers. Local MSME products are actually able to compete and become a prestigious brand that can make Indonesia proud.

As a bank with a Go Global mandate from the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) continues to strengthen its commitment to encourage the performance of MSME players to not only upgrade the class but also penetrate the export market and become the pride of the nation.

Wiracana Handfan is a fostered MSME as well as a loyal customer of BNI for more than 20 years. This craft MSME felt very, very helped with the guidance and mentoring from BNI team who used all channels to help MSME expansion.

With this slick synergy between banks and MSME players, Wiracana CEO I Wayan Wiraperdhana feels proud because he has been able to penetrate at least more than 10 countries such as Spain, Japan, America, Mexico, Fiji, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, as well as several countries in Southeast Asia.

Thanks to BNI, he also said that Wiracana is able to participate in the Sarinah Department store where Wiracana handfans are displayed on the ground floor as a favorite and superior product in the shopping center.

“I am an old customer, I have been with BNI for 20 years. BNI has a different way of maintaining its customers, if there is a celebration being held, it must be very fast (invited). The people who help are professional. They really help their customers to grow," said Wiraperdhana, who is familiarly called Wira in Sesetan Bali, Sunday (25/9/2022).

During this period of economic recovery, Wira said that Wiracana had started its expansion with export performance reaching 50% of its capacity in previous normal conditions. Several international buyers have started to be couraged to visit Wiracana production center in Bali to ensure the availability of Wiracana hand fans.

“Of course, with valuable lessons from the pandemic, we are also exploring the online retail market. That way we can reach more customers who are difficult to reach with physical stores,” he said.

Wiracana has been able to produce 1,000 handfans per day with the help of advanced technology, namely a laser engraver. The application of this machine aims to increase the quantity and quality of the product. The best fan results are also guaranteed by the involvement of more than 70 local artists, whose designs are very elegant.

BNI Expects New Wiracana
BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo hopes that more export-oriented MSMEs will also be able to follow Wiracana, who is persistent in seeking business development opportunities. Of course, BNI as a global bank from Indonesia has various digital channels, networks, and complete mentoring programs to help MSMEs not just be good at home.

"We continue to look for other Wiracanas to be the pride and representation of Indonesia overseas," he said.

Okki continued, with SMEs craft capable of producing quality goods, more foreign tourists would be curious and visit Indonesia.

"In addition, foreign exchange from exports from MSMEs will also be a reserve for the government to maintain domestic economic stability in order to continue to encourage more positive macroeconomic growth," he said.


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