BNI Indonesian Masters 2022 Presented by TNE, Suwannarut and Keyser Competing Tightly

BNI Indonesian Masters 2022 Presented by TNE, Suwannarut and Keyser Competing Tightly

Jakarta, Friday (2/11/2022) -- BNI Indonesian Masters 2022 Presented by TNE again spread happiness to many Golf lovers in the country and the world. Competitive game, successfully shown by all professional golfers who competed.

Happiness radiated most clearly on Suwannarut's face when he left the Royale Jakarta Golf Club area, East Jakarta. Sarit Suwannarut and Mathiam Keyser both packed 11 under 133 strokes. They also compete for the title at the BNI Indonesian Masters 2022 Presented by TNE.

As for, this is the second time participation in the BNI Indonesian Masters. Suwannarut admitted that the focus factor on the punch became his powerful weapon. The smooth game cannot be separated from the cooperation with his team.

"We discussed and analyzed my game a lot. It's getting more comfortable when I can do well in round 1," said Suwannarut, after finishing his game on Friday (2/12/2022).

For information, Suwannarut scored 6 birdies in round 1. In round 2 he made 7 birdies, but was colored by 2 bogeys. The 24-year-old Thai golfer had soared to number 1, but the birdie he made at the end of the game, making his total under the same as Keyser.

In addition, Suwannarut was trying to maintain his mental state, so as not to be affected by delays due to unfavourable weather in round 1. He tried to relax and did fun things, including getting enough rest.

"About the results or competition with other golfers? Absolutely far from my mind. All I'm trying to do is playing according to the game plan we made," said the golfer who arrived in Jakarta this week with a world ranking of 827.

Suwannarut will also apply these tips ahead of facing round 3, Saturday (3/12). He does not want to rush to think about winning the title. For him, doing his best in all types of strokes is the main capital.

As for Keyser, his game was brilliant from the start. In the continuation of the afternoon session that was delayed in round 1 he grabbed 7 under 65. The South African golfer also led round 1, shifting Kosuka Hamamoto (Thailand) and two other golfers to number 2, each of whom won 6 under 66.  

In round 1, Keyser recorded 7 birdies, each on holes 2, 3, 18, and sweetened with a hat trick of birdies on holes 14, 15, and 16. Unfortunately, he made a bogey on hole 5.  

Continuing to step on the tee shot in round 2 at 08:25 WIB, Keyser added 6 birdies. But, on holes 5 and 12 he made bogey. With that score his position was overtaken by Suwannarut, who scored 12 under. Unfortunately, at the end of the game, he actually made bogey.

Jazz Janewattananon also played a sweet game. After only packing one under in the early rounds, this time the 2019 Indonesian Masters champion was crazy with seven under 65.

Collecting 8 under 136, Janewattananon also has the opportunity to steal a chance to win the event which this year provides a total prize of US$ 1.5 million or around Rp 23 billion.

Unfortunately, the cutt off stage could not be confirmed because the battle was delayed again. Even though there are some golfers who have not completed their progress.

Even so, Indonesia hopes that in the continuation of round 2 played on Saturday (3/12/2022), it can pass three retainers to round 3. Among them are Kevin Akbar who has so far incised 4 under 144 and Elki Kow who has only completed 11 of the 18 holes available. He also only packed one under 116.



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