Strengthening Services in Regions, BNI and Bank NTB Syariah Establish Synergy

Strengthening Services in Regions, BNI and Bank NTB Syariah Establish Synergy

Jakarta, Tuesday (6/12/2022) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI and PT Bank Nusa Tenggara Barat or Bank NTB Syariah are committed to building collaboration to develop and strengthen regional banking services.

The ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was carried out between Deputy President Director of BNI Adi Sulistyowati and President Director of Bank NTB Syariah Kukuh Rahardjo in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/12/2022).

As for the scope of cooperation between BNI and Bank NTB Syariah includes Joint Utilization of Products, Services, Channels, and Capabilities. In addition, there was also the signing of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) for the Issuance of Domestic Government Credit Cards (KKPD), Issuance of TapCash Bank NTB Syariah Co-Branding Cards, and Sharing Billers.

Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi, revealed that this cooperation is expected to provide convenience, comfort, efficiency, and acceleration in regional spending activities.

"This is our first cooperation with a Sharia Bank. We hope this strategic step can primarily benefit the community and customers as well as improve the performance of Bank NTB Syariah," she said.

Susi stated, BNI is ready to facilitate this KKPD throughout Indonesia, especially in NTB Province both through QRIS as an initial stage, as well as physical credit cards in the next phase. To add to the convenience of transactions, it is equipped with the convenience of increasing the card limit (same day service), 24-hour BNI Call center, exclusive dedicated Travel Agent, Grab for Business features, and others.

Moreover, to provide convenience in monitoring the use of KKPD, BNI will currently develop bill and payment reconciliation features, sms/email notifications for each transaction, and ebilling. So that in the future it will make it easier for each Work Unit (Satker) to control their official travel and operational budgets.

"It is hoped that in the future the reconciliation and monitoring system can also facilitate and speed up the LPJ Work Unit process and payments to banks," she said.

In the meantime, for the TapCash Co-Branding collaboration, BNI is ready to support the ease of payment in the transportation ecosystem, toll roads, retail trade, tourism and other ecosystems in the NTB province as well as at the same time providing easy top-up services and balance updates for the TapCash Co-Branding card through the Bank NTB Syariah channel so as to provide a faster, easier, safer and more convenient customer experience.

Furthermore, for biller sharing cooperation, BNI has more than 400 services that can be cooperated with Bank NTB Syariah, ranging from payment of electricity bills, PDAM, PBB, insurance, Top Up Electronic Money, and others that can make it easier for Bank NTB Syariah customers to meet their financial needs. In the initial stage, the billers that will be cooperated are Top Up and Balance Update for TapCash Cards.

"Hopefully in the future there will be more billers that can be cooperated with so that the scope of payment capabilities that can be made at Bank NTB Syariah will also be wider," she added.

Kukuh Rahardjo added, this cooperation is expected to improve and optimize banking services to the community, especially in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) so as to provide ease of transactions for the surrounding community.

"This cooperation is for the benefit of both BNI and Islamic banks. This is a synergy and collaboration, we are grateful that today we can synergize with BNI, hopefully BNI will become superior, become a trustworthy and trusted bank," said Kukuh.



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