Supporting Economic Recovery, BNIDirect Transactions Grow Positively

Supporting Economic Recovery, BNIDirect Transactions Grow Positively

Jakarta, Thursday (29/12/2022) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) has successfully proven its commitment in supporting the digitization of business transactions in the midst of this year's economic recovery period. BNI continues to innovate by presenting features and services that are relevant to the needs of business people through BNIDirect.

In November 2022, BNIDirect's Corporate Digital Service posted total user growth of 18.0% compared to the same period last year, to 93,652 users.

Transaction volume also increased 41.0% year-on-year (YoY) to Rp 5,242 trillion, with the number of transactions rising 18.0% (YoY) to 689 million transactions.

BNIDirect is also one of the 3 BNI Product Champions in addition to BNI Mobile Banking which serves consumers, and BNI Xpora which serves the export needs of MSME players.

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo said, in this year-end period, the company again proved that the BNIDirect Corporate Digital Service solution is able to meet all partner needs in one integrated digital solution.

He added, this achievement is very proud because BNIDirect has been able to become a trusted channel for business customers to transact anytime and anywhere, and integrate customer finances, including international banking business solutions.

"We continue to add customers from among corporate, commercial and small business customers, as well as start-up businesses. The customers who can be acquired are also wide-ranging, including Indonesian business people whose business reach abroad and/or have business groups overseas, foreign business people who have business partners in Indonesia, up to representatives of the Indonesian government in other countries and the Indonesian Diaspora," he said.  
Okki said, the increasing number of customers is inseparable from BNI's efforts to continuously add relevant features and services, which are also in line with the mandate received by BNI as a Global Bank from Indonesia.

Moreover, BNIDirect is equipped with a number of features including collection management that can assist users in collection activities, such as auto-debit, virtual accounts, cash collection and auto-collection.

There is also a payment management service that helps users to more easily make all types of payments, ranging from payroll payments, taxes, PNBP, customs, BPJS, PLN, insurance and other utilities, up to the transfer process both online between banks, clearing, RTGS, and international transfers.

“BNIDirect also provides facilities for buying and selling foreign exchange," he mentioned. This BNI digital business solution, Okki said, also has a liquidity management feature that allows users to manage the company's finances/cashflow by using the Cash Pooling, Range Balance, Cash Distribution and other features.

To support customers' businesses, the trade feature on BNIDirect can speed up the processing of trade-related documents, such as import and export LCs. "Its online account opening capability can also facilitate BNIDirect users to let customers directly open current and deposit accounts without the need to visit a branch," he said.

As for, BNI also embeds an information management feature for balance information, mutations, bank statements, exchange rates, interest rates, and other reports that can be downloaded and sent via email.

All BNIDirect transaction authorizations are secured with a Dynamic PIN generated by a physical token or mobile token, so customers do not need to worry about making transactions using BNIDirect.

The role of BNIDirect as the Corporate Digital Services has been very large in helping BNI business customers carry out their financial transaction needs every day.



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