Focus on Developing Digital Business, BNI's BNIDirect and Mobile Banking Users Grow Rapidly

Focus on Developing Digital Business, BNI's BNIDirect and Mobile Banking Users Grow Rapidly

Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1/2023) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI is consistent in developing the banking business through strengthening the digital sector to provide ease of transactions to customers through three Product Champions, namely BNI Mobile Banking, BNIDirect, and BNI Xpora.

This is reflected in the number of BNI Mobile Banking users throughout 2022 which reached 13.6 million, growing 26.1% year on year (YoY), followed by the number of transactions which reached 597 million or grew 37.6% YoY.

The Company also has the BNIDirect platform to support institutional customer business transactions digitally. The number of BNIDirect users grew 24.9% YoY to 100,000 users throughout 2022, with the number of transactions also increasing 18.4% YoY or reaching 764 million transactions.

At the same time, through BNI Xpora, the total export credit has reached Rp 26.72 trillion, up from 2021 which was recorded at Rp 19.05 trillion. Export trade volume was recorded at Rp 66.21 trillion, up from 2021 which was recorded at Rp 24.36 trillion.

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo conveyed, this achievement is inseparable from BNI's commitment in transforming to a digital system so that it can provide more efficient services to customers.

"We continue to strengthen the company's management structure to transform towards capable digitalization in order to provide financial solutions for customers," he said on Tuesday (31/1/2023).

Okki disclosed, in line with BNI's transformation agenda, the development of three Product Champions has encouraged the strengthening of the retail and institutional transaction business while strengthening banking solutions to Go Global for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

On the retail side, BNI Mobile Banking has a variety of facilities that facilitate customer transactions such as

Transfer, e-Wallet, Payment, Purchase, Investment, Digital Loan, Mobile Cash, and many more. BNI customers are starting to change their transaction patterns from conventional platforms to digital platforms. This is in line with BNI's strategy to make BNI Mobile Banking as One Stop Financial Solutions for customers.

BNI also has BNIDirect to support digital business transactions of customers and institutional debtors to fulfill all client needs in one integrated portal.

In other words, BNI Xpora is aimed at MSME players who want to increase business capacity. BNI Xpora offers a variety of digital services that can be used by MSME players of various levels, from those who are still pioneering to those who are ready to expand their markets, especially exports.

Through BNI Xpora, MSMEs can get empowerment to increase capacity and quality of production education for preparing financial reports. Equally important is the support for product marketing expansion through business match-making with buyers in the global market.

Okki added, in the future the company will continue to focus on developing digitalization to facilitate customer transactions, both individuals and institutions.

"Our future direction is more focused on strengthening digital, in this case better service to customers," said Okki.


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