Holding National Circuit, BNI Supports the Search for Young Badminton Players in 12 Cities

Holding National Circuit, BNI Supports the Search for Young Badminton Players in 12 Cities

Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2/2022) -- The badminton event titled BNI National Circuit 2023 will roll back in the country. The National Circuit (Sirnas) will visit 12 cities to find young badminton players.

BNI, which seeks to support PBSI in carrying out achievement development programs, especially for young badminton athletes as the next generation, is again acting as the main sponsor in this national scale event. A total of 13 BNI Sirnas 2023 series are alternately held in Bandung (West Java), Batam (Riau Islands), Purwokerto (Central Java), Denpasar (Bali), Surabaya (East Java), Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan).

This activity is also held in Makassar (South Sulawesi), Tangerang (Banten), Pangkalpinang (Bangka Belitung Islands), DKI Jakarta (DKI Jakarta), Palembang (South Sumatra) and Pekanbaru (Riau). "This year there are a total of 13 BNI National Circuit series that will be held consisting of five Sirnas A, six Sirnas B, one Sirnas C and closed with one Sirnas Premier in DKI Jakarta. In addition, DKI Jakarta is also trusted to hold Sirnas A," said Head of Tournament and Referee Division of PP PBSI Mimi Irawan in a written statement on Tuesday (7/2/2023).

"The number of series this year has increased compared to 2022. Last year we only held eight BNI Sirnas series, this year there are five more series. That's why it’s been started in February," he continued. Mimi added that in addition to the appointment of new cities, some cities that hosted last year were replaced as a form of giving other cities the opportunity to be ready. Both in terms of accommodation and facilities in the arena.

"This year, Medan, Palangkaraya and Kendari will no longer be hosting. We are giving the opportunity to other cities that are ready to replace them," Mimi said.

"The appointment of the implementing city, of course, is based on the PP PBSI survey. These cities must have proper accommodation and sport hall facilities," he continued. BNI Sirnas 2023 has a mission to continue to run the regeneration of Indonesian badminton athletes. The target is of course potential athletes who show achievements, who can later join the national training.

"BNI Sirnas is a place to find athletes for future regeneration. The target is of course to produce potential athletes who show achievements, who can later become national athletes," said Mimi. "In the longer term, I hope BNI Sirnas can bring continuous coaching to clubs. Then, they can hone their athletes' skills in this event," he added.
Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Executive of BNI Sirnas 2023 Bandung Series A Herman Subarjah said this activity is attended by 1,131 participants from 219 badminton clubs. BNI Sirnas 2023 is also believed to bring up talented badminton athletes who can make the nation proud.

BNI Sirnas 2023 is also a barometer of badminton athlete development in Indonesia. For it is from this event that all athletes who take part in national training (pelatnas) are born. "All national training athletes are Sirnas dropouts, because this is an event to obtain ranking points that must follow Sirnas. There are five Sirnas and each of them gets ranking points and the highest can take part in the national selection and national athletes will appear," Herman explained.

"This means that national training athletes must now take part in Sirnas first," he continued. On the other hand, PBSI Jabar Deputy Chairman Bariza Sulfi added that the BNI Sirnas 2023 event is expected to be able to increase the enthusiasm of Indonesian badminton lovers again. This is because badminton is one of the most popular sports and has the potential to make the nation proud.

"Hopefully BNI Sirnas 2023 will signify the enthusiasm of Indonesian badminton lovers for the progress of badminton, because this is one of the sports that can make Indonesia proud," said Bariza. BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo disclosed that BNI as the main partner of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) is committed to continuing to support efforts to develop the Indonesian badminton sport.

Support is provided for education, athlete development, infrastructure, and the creation of prestigious tournaments in search of young athletes who are ready to excel on the world stage. "We are also very grateful that BNI is given the opportunity to continue to contribute to the development of badminton in Indonesia, which has always recorded global achievements. We hope this Sirnas will create world star athletes who will make the nation proud," said Okki.

As a form of commitment to promote and popularize the BNI National Circuit 2023, PP PBSI officially collaborates with detikcom as the official media and broadcasting partner in all series. The BNI National Circuit 2023 Kick off will be held on February 6-11, 2023 in Bandung, West Java. BNI National Circuit 2023 Calendar is as follows:

Sirnas A in Bandung, 6-11 February
Sirnas B in Batam, 20-25 February
Sirnas A in Purwokerto, 6-11 March
Sirnas B in Denpasar, 8-13 May
Sirnas A in Surabaya, 22-27 May
Sirnas B in Banjarmasin, 26 June-1 July
Sirnas B in Makassar, 24-29 July
Sirnas A in Banten, 7-12 August
Sirnas B in Pangkalpinang, 9-14 October
Sirnas A in DKI Jakarta, 6-11 November
Sirnas C in Palembang, 20-27 November
Sirnas B in Pekanbaru, 4-9 December
Sirnas Premier in DKI Jakarta, 11-16 December


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