Terkait Layanan Remitansi BNI Tak Tergeser, 7 Tahun Terbaik Di Asia Tenggara

Terkait Layanan Remitansi BNI Tak Tergeser, 7 Tahun Terbaik Di Asia Tenggara

BNI Remittance Services Lead the Industry, Reported 7 Best Years in Southeast Asia

Kuala Lumpur, February 2, 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI remittance service remained an industry leader for 7 consecutive years as Alpha Southeast Asia once again named the bank as The Best Remittance Provider in Southeast Asia in 2015. The number of remittance transactions handled by BNI from abroad into the country has reached USD 31 billion in 2015, while remittances from Indonesia to destinations abroad amounted to 35 billion USD.

The award was presented by Alpha Southeast Asia to BNI Planning and Operations Director Bob Tyasika Ananta in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday (February 2, 2015).

Bob reveals, BNI continues its commitment to provide the best services by providing a number of advantages in its BNI Smart Remittance product. BNI Remittance Service is an industry leader due to the broad support network inside and outside the country. Currently, BNI has six branch offices overseas (Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, and Seoul), more than 1,200 correspondent bank in the world, aided by a network expansion project through the deployment of Remittance Representatives in various countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Qatar, Oman, and the Netherlands.

BNI Smart Remittance network is further strengthened in the Indonesia through the synergy Remittance Representative Dalam Negeri, which offers assistance to TKI workers in Indonesia. BNI Smart Remittance is available at more than 1,600 outlets and BNI agents, such as Pos Indonesia, Alfamart, Pawn, rural banks (BPR), and over 16,000 collaborating partners across Indonesia.

"Additionally, we have prepared a remittance sales force ready to serve customers, particularly migrant workers," Bob explained further.

BNI Smart Remittance also offers various product innovative features.Remittances are not only accepted into bank account—BNI products such as BNIWesel PIN allows funds to be received in cash at more than 16,000 BNI outlets and BNI partners. These services target non-bankable communities because remittances can be received in cash without the need for a bank account. In addition to BNI Smart Remittance easy, fast, and secure transactions, BNI also offers innovative, competitive, and affordable pricing for each fund destination or origin country.

In addition to a focus on product innovation, BNI also develops its Corporate Community Responsibility (CCR) Program, a creative promotional program with integrated CSR to provide more value and unique selling point for BNI Smart Remittance among the competitors. The programs include Financial Education for TKI workers, Berkah BNI KU (Affordable sembako and BNI Remittance) held in 11 cities during Ramadan, Entrepreneurship Training for TKI workers, and TKI Education Home in Indramayu.

"BNI is the only bank to have a special remittance Call Center service at 021-29946099,operating 7 days a week," said Bob.

Cash Management

BNI maintained its reputation as the best Cash Management service in 2015, an award first given in 2011.

The award has improved public trust in BNI cash management services and stimulated customer growth, especially PSC's facility users, for which BNI is the only integrated service provider. Currently, BNI manages more than 60% of PSC's tax payments and the number is expected to grow. As customer growth increases, BNI has recorded increased state revenues transaction volume reaching 750,000 transactions per month.

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