BNI dan Pelindo IV Issue e-Integrated Port Card, Digitization of Port Touch Transaction in KTI

Jakarta, 15 November 2017 --- Now is the turn of Makassar Port, South Sulawesi, to get digital touch in serving transaction performed by its users, thanks to the cooperation with Pelindo IV and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI. The cooperation of these two State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) allows the issuance of special card that has function as electronic money, namely e-Integrated Port Card which is supported by BNI digital payment system, by its key product, BNI TapCash. The same card can serve as Identity Card of Pelindo IV Staff which much known as SOEs ID.

This is an initial step of those two corporations to develop non-cash transactions in ports in Eastern Indonesia (KTI). The launching of BNI TapCash e-Integrated Port Card and SOEs ID Card was held in Jakarta, Wednesday (15 November 2017). This occasion was attended by the President Director of Pelindo IV, Doso Agung, the Director of Human Resources & General Affairs of Pelindo IV, Riman S Duyo, as well as the Director of Consumer Business of BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo.

According to Anggoro Eko Cahyo, this cooperation is a form of BNI support over the program of Bank Indonesia (BI) which initiates Non-Cash National Movement (GNNT) and Pelindo IV in the use of Electronik Money. The use of BNI TapCash e-Integrated Port Card is expected to be able to reduce payment queue at port gateway. This card is also more efficient, as it no needs to prepare change, and all transactions can be well recorded.

 There are approximately 20,000 vehicles in and out of the Makassar Port gateway every day, from trucks to two-wheeled vehicles. They are the target of e-Integrated Port users at the initial stage. Currently, BNI TapCash is the only electronic money has been used as the supporting e-Integrated Port managed by Pelindo IV.

“BNI as a financial partner with total financial solution, views customers not only from the current financial needs, but also with strategy to view the future needs, so that  BNI can provide an integrated solution to all of Pelindo IV operational activities in corporate financial management effectively, efficiently and integrated,” he said.

The e-Integrated Port card is electronic money in the form of card designated for Port Service users existing in the environment of Pelindo IV. The  e-Integrated Port card is a card issued by Pelindo IV in cooperation with BNI as the issuer of TapCash electronic money.

The e-Integrated Port card can be used as payment tool, transaction tool, and identity of Port Service users in the environment of Pelindo IV among them such as the use of port gateway, transaction in the tenants available in the port, transportation ticket purchasing, and identification tool for truck users. The e-Integrated Port card can be reloaded through BNI ATM with TapCash logo, BNI Branch Office, BNI SMS Banking, Alfamart, and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) provided within the Port.

Cooperation with Pelindo IV is continuation of cooperation has been established by both companies in an Integrated Billing System, namely management of vessel service and loading and unloading service with one integrated system. This cooperation opens wider support opportunity from BNI in implementing this Integrated Billing System. A cooperation opportunity open in the future is the matter of financing to Pelindo IV work partner. BNI has provided special scheme for financing to shipping line, and loading and unloading company, namely Supply Chain Financing (SCF) scheme.

“We expect that BNI can continue to play active role in port service payment operational system by providing payment channel facility. For the convenience of corporate transaction, we also have provided Cash Management System that can help company financial management,” said Anggoro Eko Cahyo.

In the future, several ports which will also become the usage locations of TapCash e-Integrated Port Card are Ambon Port, Bitung Port, and Manokwari Port.


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