Pangandaran Railway starts operations, Gambir-Banjar route more exciting with BNI promos

Banjar, January 2, 2019 - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) (Indonesian Train Company) made a breakthrough in 2019 by launching the Pangandaran Railway (KA), which will serve passengers traveling from Gambir Station in Jakarta directly to Banjar Station in Banjar, West Java.

The journey from Jakarta to Banjar can now be made with one train trip, which passengers can enjoy in comfort in the executive class. Jakartans heading to Banjar previously had to transit in Bandung, West Java, and change trains. With the Pangandaran Railway, accessing Pangandaran Beach is even easier from Jakarta.

Pangandaran Railway is made even more appealing with the various promotional programs on offer from PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). A minimum purchase of Rp 100,000 (US$6.90) for food and drinks made on the train using a BNI Debit Card and BNI Credit Card is eligible for a Rp 20,000 discount, while purchases worth more than Rp 200,000 can receive a discount of Rp 40,000.

In addition, passengers who purchase food on the train using the BNI TapCash Card will get complimentary sweet tea. The BNI TapCash card itself can be purchased and refilled at a booth available at Banjar Station for a special price of Rp 60,000 (with a balance of Rp 50,000) and Rp 110,000 (a balance of Rp 100,000). Also at the booth, BNI TapCash Card holders can buy Parahyangan Fried Rice at a special price of only Rp 1,946.

The Pangandaran Railway was launched on Jan. 2 in a ceremony that was attended by West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, KAI president director Edi Sukmoro, Banjar Mayor Ade Uu Sukaesih, Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata, as well as BNI Bandung CEO Afien Yuni Yahya.

Afien said that BNI's support for the Pangandaran Railway was a perfect example of synergy between state-owned enterprises (BUMN); their ability to work together could boost the development of mass transportation in southern West Java and other sectors, particularly tourism. A train connecting Gambir and Banjar can bring more tourists to popular destinations in southern West Java, including Pangandaran Beach in Pangandaran regency. Tourists who want to enjoy Pangandaran Beach now have more ways of reaching the beach. Pangandaran is also known for its wildlife reserve, a habitat for rare and protected animals, namely bulls.

"Trains can encourage economic growth as they provide a safe and comfortable mode of transportation that does not get hampered by traffic and is capable of carrying large numbers of passengers. BNI will offer these passengers greater convenience with non-cash transactions on trains," Afien said.

BNI previously enlivened the launch of other new trains, including the Galunggung Railway on Dec. 26, 2018. The Galunggung Railway serves routes from Bandung (Kiara Condong Station) to Tasikmalaya, also in West Java. The fare was free of charge until Jan. 25. On the route, BNI also provided various promos through BNI Debit Cards, BNI Credit Cards and BNI TapCash Cards.

"The use of the BNI TapCash Card is in line with the government's program to encourage the Non-Cash National Movement. The BNI TapCash Card is not only safe and easily accessible, it does not require any change," Afien said.

The BNI Credit Card balance reached Rp 12.53 trillion in December 2018, a 7.9% year-on-year (yoy) growth that was supported by the vacationing trend among Indonesians.


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