BNI invites small entrepreneurs to National Press Day 2019 exhibition

Surabaya, February 8, 2019 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI invited one of its partners from small businesses to sell quality merchandise at the 2019 exhibition of National Press Day (HPN). The invited partner had products that made it to the international market.

The presence of small businesses in the grand event of the Indonesian press industry was aimed at showing the public that the disbursement of loans by national banks is effective, and even able to help entrepreneurs penetrate foreign markets. Increasing exports is one of the efforts needed to grow the economy at the national level, amid challenging trade competition in the world nowadays.

The 2019 HPN exhibition took place at the Grand City, Surabaya, East Java, starting February 7 until 9, 2019. BNI's alignment with the development of its fostered partners is in accordance with the event, which has the theme “The Press and the Strengthening of Digital-Based Community Economy”.

The businessman invited by BNI to the exhibition was Edwin Yanee, who promoted his brand Taylor Fine Goods (TFG). This young businessman pioneered the business from scratch in 2012 and made it to become an exporter. Under CV. Samudra Canvas Indo as his business flag, he creates and markets handbags, backpacks, wallets, belts, and camera straps with up-to-date style.

"I initially offered photography services, but then the competition got tougher with the presence of other photographers. So, I tried to design and produce camera straps and camera bags. At first it was hard, but eventually this business continued to grow and the products are now sold in 40 shops, with 50 people employed, "he said.

BNI helped developing this business by providing a credit scheme. Edwin used the bank loan to increase the working capital for his bags and wallets business. His tenacity to develop the business finally came to fruition as travelers and young people love TFG products. He also got the opportunity to supply his products to one of Indonesia’s leading book and stationery retailers. Edwin has even made it to become an exporter as his products were able to penetrate Singapore’s and Taiwan’s markets.

He attributed his success of penetrating the foreign market to his ability in utilizing social media.  "I am able to export my products because I use the power of social media.”

CEO of BNI for Surabaya Region, Muhammad Jufri, said that the bank’s productive lending in ​the area of Surabaya reached Rp16.92 trillion in 2018, or grew by 11.99% from 2017, which reached Rp15.10 trillion. The credits were mostly disbursed to the productive sector, with the amount reaching Rp10.73 trillion, or accounted for 63.44%.

"BNI actively channels loans to productive sectors, which are in line with government programs, especially by financing export-oriented businesses. TFG is one of the examples of our success story," he concluded.


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