Proliga 2019: BNI 46 men’s team wins most individual awards

Yogyakarta, February 24, 2019 ---- Despite losing in the first round of Proliga 2019, BNI 46, a Jakarta-based men's volleyball team, upped its game in the second round and final four to close out the competition as the second best team. Its overall performance reflected a strong team that was successfully built with reliable players.

The team won four of eight individual awards that were up for grabs. Dio Zulkifli won best setter, Sigit Ardian won best scorer, Osmel Camejo Durruthy won best spiker and Veleg Dhani Ristan was named best libero.

BNI 46 coach Samsul Jais said after the final match in Yogyakarta on Feb. 24 that the players' formed the foundation of a team that was determined to improve.

Samsul admitted that, at first, it was very difficult to perform in the first round due to the side’s many defeats at that time. "I am actually quite proud of the team’s achievement of entering the final stage. [I am] especially [proud] of the achievements of the local players who continued to improve," he said.

On whether BNI 46 will train for next year or not, Samsul suggested that the team should remain intact. "The BNI 46 team last season finished in fourth position while now it is a finalist. This is certainly a good achievement," Samsul said.

A similar sentiment was expressed by setter Dio Zulkifli. "I hope that this team will be supported. We want to improve BNI's image in Indonesian volleyball circles," he said. "But it is also necessary to integrate with foreign players who have excellent quality. Camejo is also good and he should be retained.”


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