BUMN holds creative classes, BNI encourages Banyuwangi millennials to get into business

Jakarta, March 31, 2019 --- In this increasingly dynamic and rapidly developing era, the millennial generation is required to be able to think creatively and innovatively. The BUMN Creative Class Program held by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) at the Sabha Swagata Blambangan Hall, Banyuwangi, East Java Banyuwangi, East Java, on 31 March sought to instill these two characteristics. Around 1,000 millennials participated in the series of BUMN Creative Class activities.

The BUMN Creative Class series was visited by Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Ministry secretary Imam Apriyanto Putro; BUMN Ministry Deputy of Mining Business, Strategic Industry and Media Fajar Harry Sampurno; BUMN Ministry Deputy of Financial Business Services, Construction Service and Various Services Gatot Trihargo; BUMN Ministry Agro Industry and Pharmaceutical Director Wahyu Kuncoro, as well as BNI Director of Information Technology and Information Dadang Setiabudi.

The Banyuwangi regent praised the activities held by the BUMN Ministry and BNI in Banyuwangi. Creative classes such as these can support the development of tourism and Banyuwangi MSMEs, he said.

"Tourism must be accompanied by the development of a creative economy. This is what is being diligently carried out by Banyuwangi. I am sure this activity will develop young businesspeople who are no less competitive. This activity also aims to increase the insight and skills and competencies of the millennial generation in facing global competition so that the younger Banyuwangi generation will be able to face the revolutionary challenges of Industry 4.0," Anas said.

BNI held four classes according to the interests of each participant. The BUMN Creative Class was light but still with substance, providing participants the space to work in a fun way.

For coffee fans and those wanting to be skilled at making or marketing coffee, classes were available with mentors and practitioners including barista Osing Deles of Cafe Resto and PTPN XII. For those looking to become proficient at taking pictures and expanding on social media, photojournalist classes were available with speaker Zabur Karuru of Between East Java Photos

Participants looking to try their luck at becoming a make-up artist could choose the beauty class with the speaker being makeup artist Yessa Yunisca. The three classes each accommodated 50 selected participants.

For the youth of Banyuwangi and its surroundings curious about becoming business champions and succeeding in internet marketing, BNI invited two speakers, namely CEO of Radja Cendol, Danu Sofwan, and Internet Marketing Warrior, Cucuk Rustandi in the I Am a Young Merchant class.

BNI Corporate Secretary, Meiliana, stated that the BUMN Creative Classes were the answer to the main challenge of developing a creative economy, which is essentially the preparedness of quality human resources. Creativity needs to be honed early so that in the end the millennial generation will have the necessary skills to drive the creative economy.

"For this reason, entering its 21st year, the BUMN Ministry encourages SOEs including BNI to organize these Creative Classes. These classes are expected to be able to increase the competence of students, santri [Muslim boarding school students] and other young people to face global competition through life skills-based learning or life-skilled based education," she said.


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