Banking Technology Sensation at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020

Banking Technology Sensation at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020

Jakarta, 28 February 2020 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) presents a variety of digital banking experiences to visitors of the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020 since the first day of the event which began today.

The Network and Service Division Leader of BNI, Anang Fauzie makes sure there are a lot of new experiences offered to BNI Java Jazz Festival visitors this time. In this grand music event, which is presented by the Java Festival Production, BNI provides experience as well as ambience that is different from previous years. "There are many new things. We always try to recognize the character of our customers. We support BNI JJF 2020 because our customer segment is indeed here. So we want to introduce products, experiences, banking, and transactions here," Anang said.

One of BNI's mainstay technologies to provide the best digital banking experience is through BNI Sonic services. If last year, Sonic was first released by offering convenience in opening a new account, this time JJF 2020 visitors will experience the new Sonic features that have been enriched. Not only convenience when opening an account, BNI ensures that almost all banking transactions have been adopted by BNI Sonic. So, said Anang, all systems have been made in the self-service version. Not only get the card immediately after the customer opens an account, but for withdrawal transactions, deposits, tapcash card purchases, top-ups, a customer can also immediately enjoy other features. Some features that can make it easier for customers are top-up gopay, linkaja, and pulse purchase.

"Now there are 25 BNI Sonic facilities. Within three months this will be installed to 150 units. Now the engine is still inside the outlet. But later we will remove it out, so it's just like ATM. This self-service ability is one of them so that young people going to the mall can easily open savings," Anang said. Other banking facilities offered at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020, added the Credit Card Business Division Head of BNI, Okki Rushartomo, can be experienced by submitting a credit card without the need to fill out very long forms. "There is no need to use the form at all. If visitors do not bring NPWP, don't be afraid because if the digital form is filled in, you will be able to get an SMS that contains a link that can be opened and filled at home. This ease certainly makes it safer. Because there is no need to photocopy KTP and others," said Okki.

The Wealth Management Division Leader of BNI, Irwan Gurning, also ensures that BNI priority customers who are calles as Emerald customers can enjoy this annual grand music event with even more fun. BNI special customers can enjoy the VIP lounge just by swiping Rp. 1. In the same place, The Consumer Sales Division Head of BNI, Wiwi Suprihatno emphasized that with a variety of experience offers provided at one of the biggest jazz concerts in the world, BNI wants to strengthen its position as a digital bank. "We spread no less than 100 sales officers who can guide and help visitors feel the digital journey during the three-day event of this event. From starting to provide experience at Sonic which this year we have developed again with various features of ease of transaction, to help visitors read the awards available on their debit cards," said Wiwi.

In addition to offering a digital banking experience, the Consumer Product Management Division Head of BNI, J Donny Bima also ensured that the Points+ reward program for customers who open savings during the three days at the BNI Java Jazz Festival gave visitors the opportunity to bring home special Java Jazz merchandise. Another interesting BNI product is TapCash, which was released with a special design at this year's event. Head of BNI e-Banking Division, Sri Indira, said TapCash this time was made with four regular editions and two special musician editions namely The Jackson and Omar Apollo.

"We produce 50 thousand, the target of these special editions of Java Jazz comes out. The four regular editions of Java Jazz this time have also been specially made because the black color used as a base on the TapCash card will actually glow in the dark at night," said Indira. Not only presenting a digital experience, the Marketing Communication Deputy Head of BNI, Ganto Novialdi also ensured that through the Funky Bunch character, BNI wanted to emphasize its position as a digital bank that was different from other banks or fintech. "It can be seen from the characters who are more fun and energetic. This is what we want to highlight. BNI provides a more complete digital service and is aimed at younger target markets. This is our digital fun life, "said Ganto. 


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