BNI Folds Christmas Love Held in North Central Timor

BNI Folds Christmas Love Held in North Central Timor

Jakarta, 20 December 2019 --- Christmas atmosphere was felt in Kefamenanu, North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Friday (20 December 2019) that afternoon. Joy is evident from the faces of a group of orphanage children while capturing a moment of togetherness with the Corporate Business Director of BNI, Putrama Wahju Setyawan. They are united in the BNI Share Christmas Love 2019 event with the theme Folds Christmas Love.

The Folds Christmas Love Program of BNI will touch 85 Orphanages and 190 churces around BNI outlets, throughout Indonesia. This time, awareness and love of Christmas are held from rural Kefamenanu.

The Christmas 2019 celebration in Kefamenanu taken place berlangsung at Parish Church of St. Anthony of Padua Sasi. The Christmas Love Sharing 2019 Program is carried out by BNI in order to participate in sharing happiness with people who celebrate Christmas and provide a proper and comfortable means of worship.

“We hope, this will multiply goodness through the spirit of togetherness between BNI and the orphanage children," said Putrama.

The BNI Folds Christmas Love Program consists of three main activities which are 1) Millenials Clean-up Orphanages. 2) Joint Christmas With Orphanages. 3) Assistance for Orphanages and Churches.

The activity Millenials Clean-up Orphanages is taken by inviting BNI millennial employees to work together with the residents to clean-up the orphanage, either in the form of painting, greening, or other activities.

Joint Christmas Celebration activities are also carried out with around 8,500 children throughout Indonesia or around 500 people in each BNI Operational Area. Meanwhile, the Assistance to Orphanages and the Churches are carried out in the form of providing a variety of essential goods in 17 BNI Operational Areas.


Santa at BNI RKB.

In addition, BNI also invited children from the orphanage and church members to celebrate Christmas in the SOEs Creative Home of BNI (RKB) managed by BNI, which operates in 14 regions throughout Indonesia. BNI invites Santa Claus to enliven the celebration, so that the theme given is Santa Claus is coming to RKB. The orphanage children who present were invited to be happy with BNI Christmas compensation and gifts. This activity is carried out starting on 14 December 2019.

The activity Santa Claus is coming to RKB will benefit RKB operators as the gifts provided are the goods purchased from the local RKBs. In this way, the volume of RKB transactions will also increase, thereby helping local MSME entrepreneurs to make their products more familiar to public.

RKB is a place managed by BNI to increase the capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to advance in grade. BNI built more than 40 RKBs in several regions in Indonesia that were used to provide training for MSME players to be able to penetrate the e-commerce market, including packaging training, product photography training, and training to access the internet. 


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