Record 13-Under, Younger Leads Title Race in BNI Indonesian Masters 2019

Jakarta, 13 December 2019 --- AUSTRALIAN golfer, Josh Younger recorded 65 hits in the second round of BNI Indonesian Masters 2019, Friday (13/12). With a total of 13 strokes under par 131 strokes, Younger led the title race in the tournament with a total prize of US $ 750,000. Younger plays consistently. He admitted that this was boosted by the weather at Royale Jakarta Golf Club, which was fairly bright. It is a bit hot, but the 357th world ranking (official world golf ranking) enjoys it.

"I played better today. Hopefully on the two days of the weekend too," said Younger, after finishing the game, Friday (12/13). From the previous round, Younger produced a 6-under 66 hits. In round 2 recorded 7-under 65. 35-year-old golfer was hoping to get his best game out.

In the advanced hunt at Indonesian BNI Masters 2019, Younger's ambitions could be disrupted by the actions of two other golfers who also had sweet results. Keith Horne (South Africa) who came in at number 2 had 12-under 132, followed by Gunn Charoenkol (Thailand) 11-under 133.

"We've met several times. Their game is also good. We are both hunting titles. So, this will indeed be strict. But I hope I can be consistent and the weather is sunny," said Younger. This year is the third time Younger has attended the BNI Indonesian Masters. Even though he always finishes, his achievements are lacking. That's why Younger was very pleased with the results this time. He was determined to maintain the game, even without special strategies.

In the stronghold of Indonesia, sweet progress has been made by Joshua Andrew Wirawan. Only packed 1-under in the previous round, but in round 2 Joshua kicked off with a 6-under 66 hits.

With a total of 7-under 137, Joshua is on the 12th sequence with Berry Henson (AS).  Joshua admitted he plays normal.  He also hopes to appear with similar conditions in round 3, Saturday (12/14). The 27-year-old golfer will tee off in the morning session. He also tried to rest faster so he could look fresh.

"I just play it safe on the fairway and green. But my putt is actually good and closer to the hole so I can make more birdies. Later I did special training at the putt," he said. So is not without problems. On the 12th hole Joshua got bogey. Luckily in the next 2 holes he was able to maintain his emotions so that momentum could rise and add birdies. In another part Danny Masrin finished this round for a total of 5-under 139 after being rounded and was in 21st with 8 other golfers. The opposite thing hit the breakthrough of Naraajie Emerald Ramadhanputra.

Once on top with 7-under, Naraajie slumped 4 strokes above par (76 strokes) in round 2. His total score was 3-under 141. The temporary position of the 19-year-old golfer on the leaderboard was at number 39 along with 11 other golfers. 

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