Carrying AI and Voice Command-Based Applications, BNI Contact Center Wins 2 Gold Medals

Carrying AI and Voice Command-Based Applications, BNI Contact Center Wins 2 Gold Medals

Jakarta, 11 September 2019 --  BNI Contact Center won two gold medals at the Best Contact Center of Indonesia event, namely in Technology Innovation and Digital Media categories. This achievement was recorded after BNI was deemed successful in developing Digital Contact Center Application that enables customers and the general public to be able to interact with the Contact Center digitally.

This innovation makes BNI is considered worthy of an award as a Contact Center Application based on the best Artificial Intelligent technology. This application is superior because it is integrated with machine learning and the Natural Language Process (NLP).

The award of the two Gold Medals held at Gala Dinner of the Best Contact Center of Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (10 September 2019). This is an event between contact centers to exchange innovations.

"Through the Digital Contact Center Application, BNI has implemented another alternative for customers to interact with the Contact Center," said the Head of Contact Center (BCC) Division of BNI, Yohanes Iwan Kurniawan.

Yohanes said that the innovation of BNI CALL application service is the first for banking in Indonesia. This is a motivation for BNI to continue developing the Digital Contact Center Application, including by immediately embedding transaction features into the application.

With the advantages of the Voice Command feature, users do not need to type anything on keyboard so it is very friendly for use by Disabled customers. The voice issued by the BNI Call application uses Voice Queries so users like they are talking with friends or relatives.

“This BNI Call Application has various uniqueness, namely First, it has two types of woman and man voice. Second, the assistant name can be changed with the name as the customer’s wants," said Yohanes.

In general, this application is a personal assistant who can adjust the needs and desires of each user to facilitate and solve day-to-day banking problems. This application can create cost efficiency. This is possible because the BNI Call application uses a data package so that it can be used both at home and abroad.

In the application, currently the BNI Call application can provide information service around BNI and general information. As for the information related to BNI consists of information on the nearest branches, the nearest ATMs, Promo Info, Product Info and service info. For general information includes information of the films that are showing, the nearest restaurants, tourist attractions, flight schedules, closest gas stations, to the latest news.

Whatever the information, the user only has to talk to the application, after which the desired information will appear. In fact, the application can also be invited to joke, play guessing who seems to be a friend to confide in when bored, without any friends in the real world.

In the future, the next phase of BNI Call application will add more complete features, including services such as transactions, checking balances, and transfers. If the service requested by the customer cannot be fulfilled by virtual assistance, it will be forwarded to a BNI Call officer (agent) or via live chat, so that it is hoped that the customer can make transactions easier with BNI. 


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