BNI Assists Indonesian Citizens in Japan to Invest in the Digital Era

BNI Assists Indonesian Citizens in Japan to Invest in the Digital Era

Tokyo, 1 September 2019 -- The need for education about the importance of investing over the past few years has not only been experienced by the people in regions, but also touched Indonesian citizens (WNI) who are abroad. Indonesian citizens who earn income as migrant workers or PMI often have limited knowledge in terms of money management.

Instead of investing their money, PMIs only know how to withdraw money, be consumptive, without understanding the importance of saving money in savings or deposit products. Whereas saving money on savings or deposits is important so that their money is not used when they return to Indonesia.

For this reason, BNI cooperated with Bank Indonesia to hold a Non-cash Remittance and Investment Literacy Workshop in the Digital Era for PMIs. There are around 300 PMIs who attended the Digital financial literacy event held at the Republic of Indonesia School of Tokyo (SRIT), Sunday (1 September 2019). Present on this occasion the Finance Director of BNI, Ario Bimo, who is familiarly called Bimo.

This knowledge about investing is crucial because working abroad is not a permanent job, so the income earned can be used up quickly. The initiative to save need to be embedded in the minds of Indonesian citizens abroad.

Through this workshop, BI and BNI expanded financial information access to all layers of Indonesian community, particularly to know how to invest safely.

In the initial stage, Indonesian citizens need to know the implementation of remittances by BI with the Fund Ended up in Account Campaign, so that Indonesian citizens abroad and their families can more easily manage their finances, including investing for future planning.

Bimo conveyed that BNI’s participation in this activity is the form of BNI’s commitment as an agent of development to increase Indonesian citizens’ awareness in Japan on the importance of financial management and investment. Before digital technology developed as it is now, investment is still done in the traditional way. But over time, the capital market world has also switched to digital methods, known as scriptless. Therefore, on this occasion BNI as one of the State-Owned Enterprises also supports this Bank Indonesia program by providing the best banking products and services for the diaspora and PMIs in Japan.

The increasingly easy for Indonesian citizens in Japan to obtain Indonesian banking facilities, is expected to encourage them to make BNI a bank of choice in accommodating their savings.

In addition, with the more complete facilities for sending money to Indonesia, the transfer of funds becomes easier, faster, safer, and can be done from all parts of Japan.

"These conditions are expected to encourage PMIs to make BNI an Indonesian bank that can facilitate all of their banking transaction needs," Bimo said.

Bimo conveyed that currently, more than 45,000 workers from Indonesia work in various sectors such as agriculture, manufacture, and fishery in Japan. Up to June, 2019, the performance of BNI saving account opening in Japan has grew by 33% year on year (yoy). 


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