Assisting Indonesian Citizens in Japan, Now Can Open Account in BNI Osaka

Osaka, 17 August 2019 --- For many foreign nationals, perhaps becoming an apprentice in Japan is a dream, because this Sakura country offers quite promising income, not least for some Indonesian citizens (WNI). As a participant in the pre-apprenticeship program (Kensushei) and continue as an apprentice (Jissushei), Indonesian citizens will earn a quite high income so that they need the ability to manage their finances well.

On this stage, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) present in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, to facilitate the apprentices to get banking services, particularly to open bank account. Recently, BNI representative office in Osaka obtained the new license that makes it possible to be an agent to open BNI savings account. Therefore, the apprentices staying in Kansai area, must not go to Tokyo to open BNI account.  

Having a bank account is very important for these Kensushei and Jissushei. One of the services they really need and will become easier with a BNI account is a money transfer service to Indonesia. They also become easier to save. Saving money is an important step that can keep the apprentices’ hard work for years in Japan. By saving, the apprentices can still have funds when they return to Indonesia.

BNI really understands the needs of the Kensushei and Jissushei. As the only Indonesian bank that has been operating since 1969 in Japan, BNI has a strong commitment to provide support for Indonesian citizens in Japan, whose numbers are now around 45,000 and spread across various regions, such as in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

The license upgrade of BNI Osaka and the ease of opening BNI account were informed to Indonesian apprentices who were present at the Republic of Indonesia Independence Day Commemoration Ceremony and the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia held at the Sakai City Industrial Promotion Center Building, Osaka, Saturday (17 August 2019). The event which was pioneered by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Osaka was attended by hundreds of Indonesian citizens and was opened for public. On this occasion, BNI Tokyo through the Osaka Sub Branch Office was present to provide account opening services to Indonesian citizens, especially Kensushei and Jissushei.

The Treasury and International Director of BNI, Rico Rizal Budidarmo conveyed, since operating at the end of 2012, the function of the Osaka Sub-Branch is to market banking services in Osaka and surrounding areas, especially corporations and partner banks. In mid-2019, the BNI Sub Branch function has improved to be able to process documents, so that it can help savings accounts opening for Indonesian citizens in Osaka more easily.

"To support the government's program in attracting foreign exchange from abroad, especially PMI, BNI is always making breakthrough to make it easier for Indonesian citizens abroad to open and have BNI accounts as well as to increase remittance transactions to Indonesia," Rico said.

With the increasingly easy for Indonesian citizens in Japan to open and have BNI account equipped with money transfer facility to Indonesia more easily, quickly and safely, it is hoped that BNI will become the Bank of Choice for Indonesian people in Japan.


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