SMN 2019, BNI, Pindad, and Dirgantara Indonesia Invite Students to Plant Mangrove to Love the Environment More

Balikpapan, 14 August 2019 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) again supports the Program of Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in realizing the Siswa Mengenal Nusantara (SMN) program which is a student exchange program. This year, BNI facilitated a 7-day student exchange from East Kalimantan Province and West Java from 15 August 2019 to 21 August 2019 with one main activity of mangrove planting and trash processing.

The SMN series was started with a student goodbye welcome greeting from West Java and East Kalimantan held in Balikpapan, Wednesday (August 14, 2019). Present at the occasion were the SEVP and Network of BNI, Ronny Venir, the Kalimantan Regional Leader of BNI, Muhammad Arafat, the Assistant for Economic Development, and People's Welfare of Balikpapan City Regional Secretariat, Muhammad Noor, as well as representatives from the Co-PIC SOEs of the program.

Ronny Venir said that the SMN program which also included in the series of the 74th Anniversary Celebration of Indonesia is aimed to provide opportunity to Senior High School students to know Indonesia is rich in culture and natural potential. While in East Kalimantan, 30 students including 3 disabled students from West Java will be educated to become students who are more concerned about environment through an activity series of mangrove planting, reducing plastic trash, environmental clean-up activities, and awareness of energy. BNI hopes that these students can become environmental ambassadors after participating in the activities.

"In addition to caring for the environment, students will visit the SOEs offices in East Kalimantan, join the National Defense with the TNI for 2 days, and visit Samarinda's SOEs Creative House (RKB). In addition, participants will take part in Youth Psychology Exposure, BUMN Partner Visits, Excellent School Visits, Art Lessons, and so on" Ronny said.

Ronny added, as SOEs, BNI, Pindad, and Dirgantara Indonesia obtained the mandate to send the selected 23 students of Senior High School and the equivalent from 7 Regencies and 3 Cities available in East Kalimantan Province to participate in the Getting to Know West Java Province Program. Three of the participants were disabled students and assisted with 2  Exemplary Teacher Representatives, 1 Disabled Companion Teacher and 1 Education Agency Representative.

"During the SMN Program in West Java Province, a group of students and 4 assistants will be accepted by Jasa Marga, Biofarma, Jasa Tirta II and Len Indusri as the organizing BUMN in West Java Province. In addition to visiting representatives of SOE offices, students also visit tourist attractions and history as well as SOEs’ fostered partners and crafters. After returning from joining the SMN program later, students from West Java and East Kalimantan were required to make writing from the results of their visit," Ronny concluded.

Besides all of that, the SMN Program also consists of Flag Ceremonies, People's Feast in the form of fun walk, free culinary party, free health check, distribution of free glasses and bazaar for the underprivileged, fostered partners' exhibition, LinkAja festival, and national artist entertainment.

During 2019, BNI has also provided CSR aid to public in East Kalimantan Province in the form of electrification to 150 houses, 150 doors of Batch Wash Toilet (MCK) assistance, 6 points of clean water assistance, 30 houses renovation assistance, and 75 students for elementary school, junior high school and senior high school scholarships.


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