BNI Familiarize Digital Banking to Hong Kong PMIs

Hong Kong, 7 August 2019 --- As the only Indonesian bank that gets a full branch license in Hong Kong, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) has the opportunity to provide digital banking services to Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who stay Hong Kong. The digital banking service was introduced at the Republic of Indonesia 74th Anniversary Celebration at the Hong Kong Branch BNI Gallery Office last weekend. The digital banking services that are marketed by BNI in Hong Kong are the digital banking services also marketed in Indonesia, so they have obtained a license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The Treasury and Internasional Director of BNI, Rico Rizal Budidarmo conveyed that in Jakarta, Wednesday (7 August 2019).

Rico said, majority of BNI customers staying in Hong Kong, use ATM machine for cash withdrawal transaction in Hong Kong Dollar (HK$) denomination, bill payments in Indonesia, and money transfers to families in Indonesia especially for PMI. Not only that, BNI also introduced BNI Mobile Banking services, which of course can be used to conduct money transfer transactions to the hometown with the lowest rates in the world.

Customers in Hong Kong are not charged with transfer fee to BNI account owners in Indonesia. While, inter-bank transfer fee is only charged for HK$ 4. Of course, this rate is much cheaper than the money transfer rate in Hong Kong, which on average reaches HK$ 35. Thus, PMI can make transaction more efficiently and flexibly anytime and anywhere, without having to wait for holidays to visit bank outlet.

"BNI has also made it easy for PMI to open account online through gadget. After getting confirmation online, a customer can visit the nearest BNI outlet in Hong Kong to collect a passbook, ATM card, and get guidance related to activation and use of BNI Mobile Banking. BNI Hong Kong took 100 digital agents to reach around 150,000 PMI in Hong Kong. Since it was implemented in April 2019, BNI Hong Kong has served an average of 1,000 account openings per month," Rico said.

Supporting Export

Rico added, in addition to transactional services, BNI Hong Kong also focused on trade finance transactions, specifically in supporting Indonesian exports to Hong Kong and China. As of June 2019, BNI Hong Kong recorded assets of USD 1,036 million with profits reaching USD 3.7 million.

"At the event, BNI also invited more than 200 PMI to attend and take part in a vlog competition guided by the content creator, Bayu Skak who is famous for his Javanese dialect," Rico concluded.

BNI has been operated with full license in Hong Kong since 1963. Located in a very strategic location in Hong Kong City, BNI Hong Kong offers various banking products both retail and commercial, with focus on business related to Indonesia. IN retail, BNI supports Indonesian diaspora financial transaction including the existence of approximately 150,000 PMI who stay in Hong Kong and around 200,000 in Taiwan. 

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