BNI UI Half Marathon 2019, Raising Fund To Help Students Keep Studying

Jakarta, 7 July 2019 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI, University of Indonesia (UI), and the University of Indonesia Alumni Association (ILUNI) not only succeeded in holding a running sports competition within the largest campus environment in Indonesia, namely the BNI-UI Half Marathon 2019, but also succeeded in raising funds for students who were in dire need of financial assistance in order to continue their studies. Through this annual running competition, the organizers succeeded in implementing an UI endowment fund raising program that continues to be developed through the mechanism of placing BNI AM Makara Investment Mutual Fund products.

Therefore, from each step of the runners, an endowment is collected. This fund is expected to be able to assist UI in supporting education, including providing educational assistance facilities for new and old students who need financial assistance.

The symbolic handover of the Endowment Fund was made by the Chairman of Iluni UI, Arief Budhy Hardono to the Chancellor of UI, Muhammad Anis at the University of Indonesia Campus, Depok, West Java, Sunday (7 July 2019). The procession was witnessed by the Minister of SOEs, Rini M Soemarno, the President Director of BNI, Achmad Baiquni, and the Chairman of UI Mandate Assembly, Saleh Husin. Also present at the same occasion, the Director of Institutional Relations of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati. A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund of Rp. 300 million was allocated from the results of activities for educational development through the purchase of BNI AM Makara Investment Mutual Funds.

Arief Budhy Hardono said, ILUNI UI hopes that the placement of BNI AM Makara Investment Mutual Funds in the third year of the management of ‘Rumah Kita’ can be evidence of the consistency of the management to help various elements inside and outside UI. "Thank you to the 4,800 runners who have supported this program and to all relevant parties who have become our partners, both this year and from the first time this competition was held in 2016. BNI as our loyal partner, hopefully what has been given is able to become part of small hands for students in need," he said.         

As for UI, the implementation of BNI-UI Half Marathon 2019 will prove the consistency of the campus as a running competition implementation known as the greenest and the most sterile race area in townThe Race Day is held with 3 different running mileage categories. Participants can choose one of the 3 running distances provided, namely 5K, 10K and HM distances. With the running track on the cool and shady UI Campus in Depok, it is hoped that the runners will achieve their personal best.

“BNIUIHM2019 becomes the appropriate forum for runners in channeling interest and hobby while involving in the mission to support development of UI campus. The shady campus environment condition of UI can maximize the ability of runners condition while remaining comfortable," said Arief Budhy Hardono.

BNI’s Support

The Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi, said BNI's support for this event was a form of BNI's concern as a state-owned bank for education, including the development of education in UI. At the same time, BNI also provides maximum support for the development of running sports that are popular with the community and become a millennial trend. BNI made this event as one of a series of BNI 73rd Anniversary with the theme ‘Bersama Menjadi Luar Biasa” in the forefront of education providers in Indonesia.  

"Through this competition, we are trying to help Iluni in raising UI endowment funds which will be partly budgeted for the purchase of BNI AM Makara Investment Mutual Fund products," said Susi.

BNI also supports learning activities at UI by engaging in the construction of co-working space, mosque, prayer room, canteen, and so on. The involvement is one form of BNI's CSR as a state-owned bank to the world of education.

Competition Result

The winner of the BNI-UI Marathon 2019 in the Men's General National Half Marathon category, won by Manurung Betmen with a record time of 60 minutes 19 seconds and the Women's General National Half Marathon category, won by Ai Kusmiati with a record time of 60 minutes 40 seconds. While the Men's 40+ National Master Marathon category, won by Ferry Junaedi with a record time of 60 minutes 21 seconds and the Women's Half Master National Marathon category, won by Ingrid Firmansyah with a record time of 60 minutes 54 seconds.

The Men's 10K National General category, won by Rikki M. L with a record time of 34 minutes 5 seconds and the Women's 10K National General category, won by Yanitasari Yanita with a record time of 41 minutes 14 seconds. While the men's 10K National Master 40+ category won by Arif Rachman with a record time of 39 minutes 16 seconds and the Women's 10K National Master 40+ category, won by Sofia Purbojo with a record time of 48 minutes 25 seconds.

The Men's 5K National General category, won by Febtri Zega with a record time of 16 minutes 30 seconds and the Women's 5K National General category, won by Vera Febrianti with a time of 20 minutes 27 seconds. While the Men’s 5K National Master 40+ category, won by Yayan Mulyana with a record time of 19 minutes 53 seconds and the Women’s 5K National Masters 40+ category, won by Nengsih Samady with a record time of 24 minutes 1 second.

BNI Life Protection

In the third year of its implementation, BNI Life can again provide the best service to corporate customers. This year, BNI Life is also proud to offer life protection insurance for 4,800 runners.

Insurance protection for marathon participants in the form of life insurance and reimbursement of medical care costs. The sum insured given to each participant is maximum Rp. 10 million. Our hope is that with insurance, runner friends can feel protected and comfortable until the finish line and, in the future can be provided with life insurance and inpatient insurance according to the runners’ needs.

Along with the 73rd anniversary of BNI, BNI is preparing a variety of new products that will soon be launched to the public. These various products will make it easier for UI alumni to become more familiar with BNI.

For the alumni who already have a BNI Iluni UI Combo Debit Card, can take advantage of various merchant promos and continue to increase their savings and transaction balances to earn Points+ that can be exchanged for prizes through the BNI POIN+ website. Specifically, for account opening through Digital Account Opening during the period 1 to 31 July 2019, you will immediately get a benefit of 7,300 BNI POINTS+.

The Yellow Iluni UI Program again present with various prizes, BNI invites Iluni UI members who already have BNI Iluni UI Debit Combo Card to actively use various features, namely to increase savings balances, transact through e-Banking, and debit card transactions. This program takes place from 1 July 2019 to 31 June 2020, where every month there will be 38 Iluni UI Debit Combo Card holders getting a cashback of up to Rp 1 million and an opportunity to win a special edition Vespa LX motorcycle (Yellow UI) and other prizes.


BNI UI Half Marathon 2019




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