BNI VISA Signature Issued With Contactless Technology

Jakarta, 27 June 2019 -- As a form of joint commitment to provide the best offerings to priority customers, today PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) in partnership with PT VISA Worldwide Indonesia launched the BNI VISA SIGNATURE Credit Card in Jakarta. This product is here to provide a new experience in transactions with pinned contactless features, which allows cardholders to make payments more quickly. With this contactless feature, the card holder only needs to bring the BNI Credit Card closer to the EDC machine that has the pay wave or contactless logo, and then the transaction can be completed instantly in seconds.

The Consumer Business Director of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati and the President Director of PT VISA Worldwide Indonesia, Riko Abdurrahman ushered in the birth of the BNI VISA SIGNATURE Credit Card with a variety of added values. In addition to the contactless feature, this product also has a range of premium benefits that are in line with the wants and needs of the growing class of society (Affluent) in Indonesia. 

Equipped with the contactless feature, BNI VISA Signature Credit Card holders can enjoy the convenience and security of transactions. Through the Visa PayWave platform, which uses EMV chip technology, transactions are safer because transaction data is more protected, so that the card or device does not need to be free from consumer grip, in order to reduce the risk of loss or duplication. PayWave Visa transactions are processed through the same reliable payment network as card transaction networks that use magnetic stripes and EMV chips.

By accepting transactions throughout the world (world acceptance), BNI VISA Signature Credit Card holders can also enjoy the experience of transacting abroad. That includes VISA global priviledge services, VISA Digital Concierge, and enjoy exclusive access at the BNI Executive Lounge which is available at a number of airports in Indonesia.

Tambok P Setyawati said, through the launching of BNI VISA Signature Credit Card, BNI is committed to always innovate and provide prime services for all customers. Through this card, card holder can enjoy convenience in transactions and get a variety of benefits from larger payment facilities and is equipped with various benefits and rewards.

"Cardholders will get cashback from their overseas transactions, while for transactions within the country, cardholders will be spoiled with double BNI Reward Points bonuses. Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to partner again with VISA to take advantage of its extensive network in providing exclusive access that can be enjoyed by our customers throughout the world," he said.

The President Director of PT Visa Worldwide Indonesia, Riko Abdurrahman said, VISA is very pleased to collaborate with BNI to launch the BNI Visa Signature Credit Card which is equipped with contactless payment technology. Cardholders can buy their daily necessities with just one tap, offering a fast, safe and comfortable paying experience wherever they are.

“Contactless payment is more popular in many countries around the world so we hope that cardholders can be more confident to do non-cash transactions at home and abroad," he said.

About BNI

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI was established on 5 July 1946 and became the first state-owned bank born after the Indonesian independence. BNI had functioned as a central bank and commercial bank as stipulated in Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2/1946, before finally operating as a commercial bank since 1955.

Until the first quarter of 2019, BNI had 2,247 outlets spread across 34 provinces and 420 regencies/cities. BNI has 33 Middle Credit Centers (SKM), 25 Small Credit Centers (SKC), and 12 Consumer & Retail Loan Centers (LNC).

BNI currently has 18,335 ATMs spread out in 34 provinces and 521 regencies/cities including 6 (six) ATMs abroad, namely 4 ATMs in Hong Kong and 2 ATMs in Singapore. The ATM network can also serve debit card transactions bearing the GPN logo, Link, ATM Bersama, and Prima.

BNI as a holding company already has 4 subsidiaries, namely BNI Syariah (syariah banking), BNI Life (insurance), BNI Securities (capital market), BNI Multifinance (financing), and BNI Remittance (remittance). BNI Asset Management is a subsidiary of BNI Securities.

About Visa Inc.

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) s the leader in digital payment in the world. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment network that enable consumers, business players and the economy to progress and develop. Our sophisticated processing network called VisaNet is a secure and globally reliable payment system that is able to handle more than 65,000 transaction messages per second. Visa continues to innovate nonstop which is a driver of growth in the world of commerce through various tools, and is a driving force behind the dream of the future, namely a world without cash for all levels of society, wherever it is located. As we move from analog to digital, Visa presents our brands, products, services, networks and efforts to change the shape of the world of commerce in the future. For more information, please visit About Visa, and @VisaNews.

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