Want to Make Transaction in Lebaran Holiday? Checkout First this BNI E-banking Promo

Jakarta, 3 June 2019 --- Having vacation is costing. So there is nothing wrong with checking BNI Electronic Banking (E-banking) promos and looking for savings opportunities.

In addition to convenience, users of BNI's electronic banking services will also get additional blessings. This is possible because BNI has a special promo program for users of e-banking services.

Get attractive promos from transactions using BNI TapCash (BNI electronic money), Agen46 BNI, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, to internet banking.

BNI TapCash Card users can get more benefits in this Lebaran 2019 momentum.

In addition to more channels to top up from the TapCash Go application, BNI Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Internet Banking, ATMs to Agent46, there are also special programs for TapCash users.

Don't forget to make transactions while on the journey using Train with BNI TapCash Card, because there is a FREE 1 DRINK special program to purchase a special edition of Reska KAI TapCash for Rp. 75,000. This TapCash buyer will get a balance of IDR 50,000 and get 1 bottle of Premium Tea.

The Consumer Business Director of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati conveyed, BNI provides maximum services to fulfill various of the public needs during lebaran holiday. TapCash is one among them.

TapCash is here for the public to facilitate transactions, ranging from toll payments, ferry ticket crossing payments, and transactions at stores or merchants.

The ease of topping up TapCash has also been prepared optimally by BNI. The public can go to retail outlets such as Alfamart and FamilyMart, or use all BNI transaction channels (ATM, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and SMS Banking), Agen46, Vending Machines, and special booths in collaboration with third parties along the homecoming route.

For public convenience, TapCash balance updates can be done via mobile banking (android that has the NFC feature), ATM, EDC at Branch Offices and TapCash Go application (for NFC android mobile phones).

"For android mobile phone users, you can download TapCashGo application in PlayStore immediately. Make sure your mobile telecommunications network is in good condition so that your TapCash balance update process through TapCashGo application runs smoothly. Or you can update your balance at the nearest BNI ATM," Tambok said.

If there are problems such as the balance is not updated and the account balance is debited you can immediately report it to BNI Call 1500046.

Other Promo Sneak Peak

Train users also have the opportunity to get Rp 50,000 cashback when making payments via BNI e-channel, including ATM, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Internet Banking. This program is valid for a minimum transaction of IDR 300,000 for the first 46 people every Friday. Each customer is only entitled to get 1x cashback. This program is valid every Friday (1 May - 7 June 2019).

For Citilink Airlines customers get Rp 100,000 discount & Free Meals only by using iPay and BNI Debit Online when making Citilink payments. Remember, this promo applies to transactions of at least Rp 1.5 million and applies to one passenger in one booking code.

Note, this promo is still valid for transactions until 7 June 2019 for travel dates until 30 June 2019. Get this promo for the first 46 transactions per Friday on purchases on Citilink website.

Attention for Merchants

Not only for users of e-banking services, promo programs are also provided for merchants who use BNI EDC machines. This program for Merchants is given in the form of Spiritual Tourism Package.

The prize is interesting, which is 1 Umrah Travel Package (2 people). That is a gift provided to BNI merchants who actively use BNI EDC when making transactions. The opportunity for merchants to get a spiritual tour gift package is evenly distributed because each BNI Regional Office divides 4 clusters so that at least there will be 4 merchants who receive this spiritual tourism prize.

BNI also does not forget Agen46 or agents who become BNI's representatives when serving the public who have limited access to banking services at outlets. In this Ramadan, BNI gives a Religious Holiday Allowance (THR) to Agen46 who is actively conducting transactions.

The prize is also attractive. THR is given in the form of cash between Rp. 3 to Rp. 10 million. There is also a parcel prize worth Rp 1 million. The condition is that an Agen46 needs to make the most transactions. 


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