Welcoming Ramadan Blessing, BNI Opens Bazaar for 5,000 PMI

Jenggik Utara – Mataram, 25 May 2019 --- Ramadan 1440 Hijri or May - June 2019 which promises the blessing was used by BNI as a momentum to share with around 5,000 Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) and their families by holding a nine-basic food bazaar (Sembako) in the PMIs area of origin. The bazaar was also a form of appreciation for PMI and their families who always entrust remittance transactions to BNI. The bazaar was also a form of BNI's concern for the welfare of PMIs and its family.

The distribution of cheap basic food packages was wrapped in the BNI 1440 H Bazaar Program "Ramadan bersama PMI". The program was carried out in 8 locations and is located in 6 provinces.

The implementation of Bazaar series started with the opening which was centered at Jenggik Utara Education House, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on Saturday (25 May 2019). This BNI Education House is one of the facilities provided by BNI to empower PMI families in Mataram area and the surrounding. Present in that event were the International Division Head of BNI, Eko Setyo Nugroho and PMI families.

Eko conveyed, through this Ramadan moment, BNI expects PMIs and their families are able to continue on trusting their banking needs and remittance services to BNI, either currently and in the future.

"The achievement of BNI's remittances so far cannot be separated from the support and trust of the Indonesian people, specifically the Workers and their families," he said.

The low-cost basic food packages are only sold at Rp. 17,000 or a discount of Rp. 73,000 from the actual price of Rp. 90,000. The package contains rice, oil, sugar, syrup, canned milk, coffee, instant noodles, and tea.

In addition to low-cost basic food distribution, the BNI’s Bazaar 1440 H “Ramadhan Bersama PMI” event also coupled with other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the form of free health checks.     

On this occasion, disbursement of the People's Business Credit (KUR) was also performed to PMIs from Mataram. BNI also distributes Taplus savings books for prospective PMIs by Agen46 representatives or agents who are BNI's representatives in providing banking services to the public who have limited access to BNI outlets.

Similar event has been held in Jakarta (May 17), and henceforth will be held at Indramayu Education House (27 May), BP3TKI Bandung (27 May), BP3TKI Serang (28 May), Kendal (28 May), Madura (28 May) and Banyuwangi (29 May). 


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