BNI Invites 1,000 Islamic Board School Students in Mataram

Mataram, 17 May 2019 --- Various Fast Breaking dishes in Ramadan full with blessings together with special people is a rare activity as there is only 1 month within a year to get the opportunity. The momentum also used by BNI to invite 1,000 Islamic boarding school students of Al Aziziyah Islamic Boarding School, West Lombok to eat special culinary during the Fast Breaking Together in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, Friday (17 May 2019).

Hosting a Food Sharing event with special guests from students and caregivers at Al Aziziyah Islamic Boarding School was conducted sincerely by BNI HI-movers, as part of the service mission in Ramadan, namely "Let's Fold the Goodness". The event was attended by the Corporate Business Director, Putrama Wahju Setyawan, along with the Islamic Boarding School’s leaders, and around 1,000 students of Al Aziziyah.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI, Meiliana conveyed, this is one of ways of BNI to share happiness with the Islamic boarding school students in the form of joint culinary dining.

The happiness was also given by handing over assistance to improve the facilities of the Islamic boarding school. "And for the students, we also convey a sign of love in the form of gifts that hopefully add to their happiness," she said.

The banquet program with muslim students held by BNI was in order to share goodness during the month of Ramadan.

The menu choices at the fast breaking together in Mataram this time show BNI's efforts to elevate Indonesia's diverse culinary riches. This time, a special dish from Lombok Island, namely Taliwang Chicken, was also presented at the Iftar of BNI Fast Breaking at Al Aziziyah Islamic Boarding School. 

"With this regional specialty, we hope that all people can feel the nuances of joy in this blessed month," concluded Meiliana. 


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